Disappear Retreat
By Kirk Miller / March 5, 2018 9:00 am

Turns out people who live in glass houses … have a really great view.

New from Coulson — designers of environmentally innovative, energy-efficient houses — the prefab Disappear Retreat lives up to its name: the seemingly transparent abode dissolves, chameleon-style, into its surroundings.

Its living footprint, meanwhile, is effectively nil: a net of zero energy, zero waste and zero water waste.

Decidedly minimalist, the glass structure requires no mechanical heating or cooling (the insulation and thin-film solar laminates on the south wall means the temp will never dip below 60 degrees) and utilizes transparent ultraviolet color to prevent animal collisions (look into it, Apple).

Light enough to be transported on a standard trailer, the 83-square-foot domicile is available in three options, from a basic open model to versions with built-in saunas or beds and baths. The first test models will comprise a nonprofit Retreat Center in northern Minnesota, which will soon be available for overnight stays. Sales to the public will follow, with preorders expected to run $25-35K.