This Revived ’50s Patio Collection Has Aged Like a Dream

A strong heritage is the stuff Danish design is made of.

The Indoor/Outdoor collection was designed in 1959 by Danish architect Bodil Kjær, whose attention to form, material and function are all immediately visible in the elegant line of furniture.

Now a seven-piece version of the original collection is being launched anew by Carl Hansen & Søn, and the six-decades-old pieces look not a day older than the aughts.

deck furniture (3 images)

Included: a dining table and chair, swing sofa, lounge chair, sunbed, small table and a lounge sofa.

Aesthetically pleasing scale and proportions bolster the structurally sturdy engineering, and the weather-resistant teak guarantees a long life lived, even in places that fall short of the 365 days of sun most deck enthusiasts are keen for. Which appears to be a good choice, considering the collection won’t be available to purchase until the fall of 2018, far beyond the warm days both in Scandinavia and stateside.