Home & Design | June 24, 2016 9:00 am

Brazilian Jungle Home Makes a Strong Case for Glass Houses

The heated indoor pool doesn’t hurt

One-hundred-and-eighty meters outside of São Paulo, Brazil, the Mororo House sits in a clearing in the woods, where it rivals the flora and fauna for photogenicity.

But there’s no need to worry about throwing stones — or wearing underpants, frankly — in this glass house: the owners have the immediate area and then some all to their lonesome.

The gabled, longhouse-style structure is encircled by a wood and stone deck with glass walls that open seamlessly into the roomy interior to create a continuous space. And while the location’s altitude gives it a more vernal year-round climate than you might expect from the tropical surrounds, the house offsets this with warm-toned wood and yellow-gold lights throughout.

Steel framing complements the wood and glass, lending a modern but not overly cold presence to the space. The crown jewel is a glass-enclosed heated pool and sauna, where special attention was paid to the ventilation so condensation doesn’t obstruct the views.

Clothing’s optional in there, too.

Architect: Studio MK27
Images: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG