Health & Fitness | May 22, 2017 10:33 am

Muscular Men Less Likely to Support Social and Economic Equality: Study

Stronger males are not as egalitarian as weaker guys, according to researchers.

muscle dysmorphia
Muscle dysmorphia can affect everything from your relationships to work. (Getty)

Strong men have a weak track record on equality.

Muscular men were found to be less supportive of social and economic equality than their smaller counterparts, a new study from Brunel University London found.

Research led by Dr. Michael Price compared the physiques of 171 men with responses to questions about wealth distribution and whether or not social groups should be dominant over others. They also used software and physical measurements to determine the masculinity and attractiveness of a participant’s face.

Men with “high body formidability” (i.e. masculine and muscular) were more likely to believe that some social groups should have more control than others and not favor the redistribution of wealth.

According to their findings, published in Evolution and Human Behavior,  the number of hours spent in a gym directly correlated with less egalitarian socioeconomic beliefs. However, the researchers didn’t find a connection between attractiveness and views on equality.

Previous research has shown a strong connection between a stronger face shape and intimidating characteristics with an individual’s ability to compete for modern day resources.