18 Personalized Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Give Pop something more personal this Father's Day

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Gifts for dad are hard...unless you're shop our list of personalized Father's day gifts, of course.

By The Editors

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Tossing the ball back and forth, movie-style, grilling up that perfect summer dog, changing your oil without you having to ask — for a man of so many talents, dads are damn hard to shop for. Whether he’s a non-materialist with a stunted gift-accepting issue or simply a pragmatic man of few wants and fewer hints, picking the perfect present for pop is never an easy feat. That is, of course, why you should be leaning on personalized Father’s day gifts this year.

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Unfortunately, finding the right tokens in an online sea of eBay junk and fake autographs is about as easy as convincing him to swap his summer beers for an airy rosé, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help better cherish the father figure in your life and isolated 18 personalized father’s day gifts that even the hardest to shop for dads will surely love.

You’ll find a compilation of inscribed inside joke boat and totes, birthday books, engraved timepieces, even a personalized painting, all primed to help make his Father’s Day one to remember. And if you happen to count yourself among the dads in your life? Even better. Below, the best personalized Father’s day gifts to hand off this fall.

The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Shinola Five Pocket Card Case

Ah, the leather wallet. An all-time classic Father’s Day gift, and, without the personalized touch, incredibly boring. Good thing Shinola — the centuries-old leather goods company who makes some of our favorite American-made gear — offers complimentary monograming to their fine range of leather cardholders.

Nike For You Air Max 90 By Father’s Day

Sneakerheadwtf dads already drool over the classic Air Max 90, so imagine their glee when they receive a fully customizable (we’re talking tongue on down here, people) model via Nike’s “For You” program.

Smithey No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet

With its multifunctional deep design, the No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet will inspire him to go from searing steaks on an open campfire to baking biscuits in the oven. Smithey designs cookware to be passed down over generations, and the No.12 can be engraved to make it a true heirloom.

Brooks Brothers Original Polo® Button-Down Oxford Shirt

He doesn’t have to be divested in mutual funds to grasp the appeal of Brooks Brother’s all-time classic banker Oxford, and he’ll be charmed by the initials monograming you can add for just $12.

New York Times Birthday Book

You can read all about why the New York Times Birthday Book is the best gift ever here. But to sum it up: This truly unique, deeply personal coffee table book includes every front cover from New York Times on the recipient’s birthday, starting with the year they were born.

Yeti Rambler 14 Oz Mug

Yeti’s armageddon-proof tumblers are fully customizable for a cheap fee and perfect for storing coffee…or a cheeky IPA.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date Auto

An engraved watch is a token equal parts handsome and meaningful. Hamilton’s Auto Pilots Watch is pristine enough to appease the “watch guys” and wearable enough for the everyday joes — bestow and watch his heart grow three sizes.

L.L.Bean Large Nor’easter Tote Bag

Unlike some other more…conservative options, L.L.Bean will let you embroider virtually anything onto their best-in-class totes, making it a fairly utilitarian gag gift that won’t break the bank, either. Need some inspiration? Check out @ironicboatandtote.

Miansai ID Chain Bracelet

Personalizable with up to 21 characters, leaving a special message with him has never looked more chic.


What better gift to give the ultimate family man? AncestryDNA lets him discover his ethnic origins, trace ancestral journeys, and even build a family tree with the help of millions of records.

Casetify Custom Earbuds Case

Seeing as how he’s already prone to misplacing his Airpods, an engravable case should be just the thing to make sure he knows which case is his before he snatches the wrong one.

Homesick Location Candles

Transport dad to his hometown or favorite place with Homesick, the home fragrance and lifestyle brand that offers long-lasting natural soy wax candles with a sentimental twist. Best known for its Location candle collection, Homesick has a scent formulated to represent every American state, along with select cities, country and even tropical destinations. So with every strike of a match, he can feel right at home, wherever he may be.

J. Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

The gift of cashmere is always appreciated, doubly so when it doesn’t run the gifter Roy sums of cash. J.Crew’s sensible layer has the added benefiet of customization: beyond choosing from one of ten rich hues, the ‘Crew allows for a monogram up to three letters.

Victorinox Huntsman

The elegant Huntsman is inclusive of all the classic Swiss Army Knife components, with the addition of scissors and a wood saw — what else could a modern man need? The handy tool can be personalized for only an additional $5 per side.

Grafomap Custom Map Posters

Grafomap allows you to personalize map posters of any location of your choosing. Whether it’s the town he grew up in, his favorite city he’s traveled to or the place he fell in love, memorialize it with a framed map, printed on print on pro-grade photo paper.

Scentbird Subscription (3-Month)

Skip the pharmacy cologne and let Pop pick his own fragrance with Scentbird, a DTC aroma purveyor with hundreds of designer and bespoke colognes, all in convenient sample-sized bottles. It’s simple: just gift dad a subscription, walk him through his profile setup, and let the variety of colognes roll in.

Uncommon Goods Hometown Glass Barware Set with Custom Message

Whether it’s dad’s hometown or favorite city, commemorate special places with this drinkware set that precision-engraves any U.S. city or town on glassware. A message or his name can also be etched.

Paint Your Life

Sentimental gifts don’t need to be super corny or cheaply homemade. Turn his favorite moments, trusted canine companion or local fishing hole into an eternal keepsake with Paint Your Life, a service that employs professional artists to create impressive hand-painted portraits from personal photos.