Gear | March 15, 2017 9:00 am

How to Make Everything in Your House Levitate for the Hell of It

What would Sir Isaac Newton make of this?

Hard to stay grounded with all this flying tech.

And starting now, your house has zero gravity limits. Introducing Levitating X, a home design biz that promises to “levitate everything,” but primarily plates, pillows, party appetizers, plants and 3D-printed art.

Levitate Everything (4 images)

Currently funding on Kickstarter, LX’s new Collection ranges uses a range of electromagnetic suspension bases and “levitating assist plates” to complete the gravity-defying trick. You can swap any product with any base.

Pre-orders begin at $150, with a la carte options available for your preferred products. Estimated delivery in June.

Seems far away, but hey, time flies.*

*Or doesn’t. Note the Levitating X Kickstarter “Risks and challenges” addendum: “If you plan to use our levitating pillow with a watch, you should do so at your own risk. Magnets could effect mechanical, quartz or other watch movements if exposed to extremely strong magnets over a long period of time.”