Food & Drink | April 18, 2019 8:03 am

The Perfect Day of NYC Dining, According to Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Eat where a James Beard Award-winning chef eats

Gabriel Kreuther
Gabriel Kreuther

Time is never quite on the side of a New Yorker.

We tend to do breakfast on the go (if at all), lunch around the corner and dinner from whoever’s currently waiving the delivery fee.

And while there’s nothing wrong with having your local favorites, it’s good to throw a little variety into the rotation.

Providing just that: Michelin-starred and James Beard-awarded Chef Gabriel Kreuther. His restaurant just launched a new cocktail program celebrating the history of the New York Library. Today, the culinary king of Bryant Park dutifully offers up his best bets for five dining occasions throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner to a well-deserved cocktail.

Dine on and drink well, people.

The best place to snag a cup of joe …

Partners Coffee or Bluestone Lane: “On both counts, I consider them to offer quality, genuine coffee and solid service. They’re usually not too overcrowded (which can be tough to find in this city) and they are very responsive to special requests!”

A spot in NYC you love to have brunch …

Olmsted in Brooklyn: “Enthusiastically! They have an excellent set-up with good service and their menu is easily adaptable for people with restrictions or dislikes. The fact that they grow many of their own ingredients reminds me of my own upbringing on a farm.”

Your favorite spot to grab lunch in NYC …

Los Mariscos: “Los Mariscos inside Chelsea market, for the incredibly easy-going and fun ambiance. Their ceviche and fish tacos are delicious and I have the option to take it with me to go if there’s not enough time to stay.”

Where do you love to go have dinner with friends …

Keens Steakhouse: “Especially with out of town guests! It’s such an iconic N.Y. steakhouse that it amazes people to discover it in such a busy city. I consider it an oasis from another era.  Great service and great meat.”

A favorite for cocktails and maybe even a snack …

The Baccarat Hotel, the bar and the Grand Salon: “The bar setting is amazing with one of a kind crystal chandeliers and glasses. It manages to be very charming while being a luxury oasis in Midtown. Plus, a great collection of champagne!”