Habitas Is a Firehouse-Turned-Members Club for the Burner Set
By Shari Gab / June 14, 2018 9:00 am

Private NYC clubs promising adventure and debauchery abound.

But a members-only joint for wellness?

Not so much. And a little green juice and chill is something most NYers could use a touch — or ton — more of.

Enter Habitas, a zen-conscious members club by way of Tulum and Venice Beach that just unveiled their newest retreat in a revamped Midtown firehouse.

Now accepting applications (dues are $2,200 a year), we caught up with Chief Community Officer Zach Bell to learn more about the perks, from morning yoga to surfboards to communal wet bars.

InsideHook: Why New York?
Zach Bell: A global home for a global community. How could you not be in New York?

IH: How does Habitas differ from other NYC members-only clubs?
ZB: We didn’t set out to be a members-only club. And we are much more than that. The clubs came about simply to create homes for a large and diverse community that we’ve witnessed grow around the world.

IH: Describe the design.
ZB: Home. We wanted to create something that felt like home. Think of it like a friend who has an amazing townhouse with an incredible staff and there is always something going on, but they are never home and you have the keys.

IH: Who will dig it?
ZB: Our ideal member isn’t looking for a members club. They have or are looking to cultivate a mindset of inclusion and inspiration. They seek a connection in with something that is much bigger than one single club or event. They get this through the people they meet, the invitations to explore the world — from our trips to the Mediterranean, Galapagos or as we work with an amazing community of refugees in Uganda.

Habitas (4 images)

IH: Standout perk?
ZB: My favorite part of Habitas NYC is how Chef Jared set up his kitchen. With no menu but a great team of chefs, it feels like walking into your own home with an incredible culinary master who always sources incredible food and is excited to experiment, share and connect with you.

IH: Tell us all about the “wellness.”
ZB: We look at wellness holistically. What does it mean to be healthy? Body, mind, spirit, science, food, community, music, creation and economics to name a few. A full ecosystem is what makes me feel “well.”

An example is we set up Wednesday as an ideal “day.” We start with training or yoga in the AM. Have a quiet mid-day for work with delicious and healthy family style lunch. In the late afternoon when my mind is all a buzz from the emails and meetings, we break for meditation. As the sun sets one of our friends come to play records, we share a few cocktails and enjoy chef Jared’s delicious food and stories. For me, that is a day of wellness.

IH: What’s next?
ZB: We’re launching our global Habitas Concert Series in L.A., NYC, Ibiza, London and more; Habitas Conversations at the clubhouses, in Big Sur, Western France and more, Pop-Up Clubhouses in Lake Tahoe, Mykonos and more. Plus, we’re opening a few more hotels starting Namibia, The Bahamas and Malibu.