Culture | October 23, 2014 9:00 am

How the Instagram Generation Bikes

Well, indoors, at least.

By The Editors

Fact: We ‘Frisconauts aren’t athletically toned like, say, New Yorkers.

Their city is filled with Equinoxes and fifth-floor walk-up apartments they hate-climb up to every evening. We can’t compete with their self-loathing.

But we do have ingenuity. And bikes. Lots of bikes. So of course we have Zwift, makers of a newfangled social video biking game that helps keep your gams toned.

They’re taking names for their beta rollout now.

Think of it as Pole Position meets Facebook — a game you play by pedaling your ass off against real competitors across the world.

You watch in real time via your PC display of choice.

Whole thing runs on the gear you probably already have.

The Zwift platform pays no fealty to any specific brands or price points, and they’ll even hook you up with an Ant+ receiver for your computer.

It officially launches next year, but Zwift is steadily doling out beta invites for patient and dedicated riders.

So get on the list with a quickness.

And, like, actually get excited about riding indoors.