Chicago | November 19, 2013 9:00 am

Noah’s Ark

By The Editors

With fitness trainers, there’s always that nagging question:

Is this obscenely muscled man before me the real, steel-pecked deal, or is he a fly-by-nighter who got his cert from a fitness Groupon?

We assure you, this guy’s the real deal: David Reavy. He trained Joakim Noah. And Matt Forte. And now you, because he’s accepting clients in the West Loop.

Reavy’s workout is based on a philosophy he calls the Reavy Method: a holistic approach where strength meets balance, accomplished through muscle testing, release and activation.

Here’s how Reavy works: he assesses your body’s flexibility and imbalances (yes, Potbelly’s five times a week is an imbalance), then tailors a plan to help maximize your workouts.

Group sessions last 60 minutes, all under the practiced eye of a physical therapist. In other words: it’s all about form over reps here. Think kettlebell swings and medicine ball workouts designed for you.

Require more attention? Reavy also offers one-on-one sessions and massage therapy.

Now get to work.