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Five's Company

Workouts that work in five minutes? Yep.


Fall is coming. And with it: serious obligations. Like football.

Seeing as how you’ll be strapped for time, we recommend a workout plan tailored for the scant moments you’ll have to yourself.

And for that, there’s Hot5.

Just released, Hot5 is a free app that features groupings of five 60-second exercises — as in, workouts you can do in five minutes ... or less time than you’d spend showering at the gym.

Hot5Your teachers: enlisted from across the country, from army trainers to power-lifters. Each with a bio and an appropriately muscle-toned pic.

The exercises are divided by said trainers and degree of difficulty. There's a wide range of workouts: abs, cardio, CrossFit, kettlebell. Even “Amazing Butt.”

There’s a play-along video segment for each workout, with verbal instructions and, admittedly, some truly awful techno (but hey: it’s only five minutes).

The initial app is free. Additional workouts are gamified: you start with 500 “points” to put toward additional tutorials, and you can earn more by finishing the videos presently at your disposal.

Or: just purchase the points.

Cheating’s pretty quick, too.



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