The Holiday 50/50

A 100-item gift guide for them and for you

November 25, 2019 11:55 am
insidehook holiday gift guide 2019

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Years ago, a prominent NYC restaurateur taught one of our editors what has come to be known as the “one for them, one for me” method of gifting. For each gift he selected for a loved one, he would also treat himself. “It’s just easier,” he said. “Saves my wife and kids the trip, and I know I’ll get something I like.” And now, years later, he has inspired our inaugural Holiday 50/50 — a 100-item gift guide that not only takes care of your list, but also makes it a little easier for them to take care of you (or you to take care of yourself).

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Fifty Gifts For You

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The Holiday 50/50

For Your Boss

Crown Royal XR Whisky
Crown Royal XR Blended Canadian Whisky, 40% Alc/Vol.
The Crown Royal Company, Norwalk, CT

Crown Royal XR


A boss who appreciates the scarce and superlative deserves a drink that fits the bill: something not only of the highest quality, but also that exists in a finite quantity.

Enter Crown Royal XR Extra Rare, crafted from the precious final barrels of the ghost distillery, LaSalle. The exquisite, full-bodied blend feature notes of honeyed pear and dried apricot, finishing with touches of cocoa and brown sugar. A damn fine dram sure to be appreciated. 

Best Made Co. Limited Edition Franklin Cup

Enjoying one’s morning (or afternoon) coffee out of a personal mug is one of life’s small pleasures. And while we cannot endorse a Michael Scott-esque “World’s Best Boss” number, this handsome enamel-coated steel set from Best Made Co. are just the ticket — inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s Precept of Order, a system he devised to help develop his character. Also makes for a good productivity reminder.

gift ideas boss holiday

holiday gift guide ideas for your boss

Therrapin Stationers Custom Wax Seal and Envelope Set

Sending handwritten correspondence is always a boss move. Sending handwritten correspondence with a custom wax seal of one’s initials? That is, in the words of NYC’s Terrapin Stationers, some “Game of Thrones shit.”

Boconi Becker Catchall Tray

Think of all the things one tends to pull from pockets upon arrival at the office: phone, keys, headphones, change, card holder, etc. Your boss is not immune, and don’t you think he/she would appreciate a handsome leather receptacle in which to deposit said shrapnel? 

holiday gift guide ideas for your boss

holiday gift ideas for your boss

tde. Serif Phone Case

The smartphone case tends to be a largely utilitarian and impersonal concern — if queried about theirs, your average person would probably respond with some variation of “I mean, it’s fine, I guess.” But it must not be so. The Daily Edited proffers handsome leather cases for just about any smartphone model, with the additional elegant twist of embossed initials. Useful + personalized = great gift.

Waterford Lismore Square Lead Crystal Decanter & Tumbler Glasses

Of all the Office Power Moves one can deploy, perhaps the greatest is the crystal decanter filled with a fine brown spirit and two glasses to match. It indicates the type of person not above discussing matters of business over a dram, which is, well, pretty damn cool. This particular number from Waterford (around since 1783) is stately, but also small enough to not take up an inordinate amount of shelf space. In terms of what to fill it with, might we suggest the spirit directly above?

holiday gift ideas for your boss

holiday gift ideas kids harry potter

Gogotoro CELLder Wand

Gotta be honest here: We have basically no idea what this thing is, but it does seem likely that if your kid is as big a Harry Potter nerd as ours is, it’ll go over really well. Best we can tell, it’s just a portable charger for whatever device they’re addicted to? But it also collapses and expands, which seems like a lot of fun.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

So yes, we feel as conflicted about continuing to support Amazon as (we hope) you do, but man, this is a really great product that is sure to keep young kids entertained and learning for hours on end.

holiday gift ideas tablets children

holiday gift ideas childrens books

National Parks of the USA

Short of actually visiting one, there’s no better way to get your kid excited about our National Park system — which, make no mistake about it, is still very much under attack by our current administration — than this book full of maps, photographs and fun facts.

UncommonGoods Cedar Thumb Pianos

Here’s a little secret about all those children’s guitars you’re always tempted to buy and probably already did, only to find it broken and useless under your couch or something: they are all total pieces of shit. Instead, get the kid some thumb pianos, which will teach them about melody in a way that is simple and extremely fun.

holiday gift idea kids music instruments

Toys and knick-knacks on a white background

LEGO Technic – Land Rover Defender

With 2,573 pieces, this is not the Lego set for your 4-year-old. But should you have a 10-12-year-old who shares your obsession for these beautiful old iconic trucks, there are far worse ways to spend a weekend or three.

american trench socks holiday gift guide
american trench socks holiday gift guide

American Trench Mil-Spec Sports Socks

They won’t remember to put it on their wish lists, but they need more socks. Don’t just get them any old pack, though — you’re gonna want ones with bacteria-killing anti-microbial silver and a compression band for additional arch support. These American Trench socks have all that, and come in a variety of fun colors.

Hydro Flask Bottle

Regardless of whether they identify as a VSCO girl, no one’s gonna pass up a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle that’ll keep their drinks ice cold or hot throughout school, soccer practice, climate protests or whatever else it is teens have going on these days. 

hydroflask gift guide teens holiday

american eagle clothing football teens

American Eagle Tailgate Collections

American Eagle just added some 90’s-inspired NBA and NFL apparel to their Tailgate collection, which included some MLB and college team gear. Skip the jersey and get them some stylish-looking apparel from their favorite team. Good enough for class or the game.

Laura Lombardi Gold Mini Curve Earrings

Gold hoop earrings are a quintessential staple of any teen girl’s wardrobe (and almost all women, really). So make her swap out the cheap ones from Forever21 that turn her ears green.

holiday gift ideas teens laura lombardi earrings

mr.leight sunglasses holiday gift ideas teens

Garrett Leight California Optical Brookes Sunglasses

When a teenage boy is gifted his first pair of high-end sunglasses, it is his first lesson in the world of accessorizing correctly. All his friends will be sporting Wayfarers — a fine pair of glasses — but if you’re looking for something different to gift, these classic style frames from Garrett Leight are the way to go.

glossier serum dating ideas

Glossier Super Duo

Trust us, you can’t go wrong gifting Glossier this year. This simple Super Duo gift set is a solid go-to from the It cosmetics brand of the moment that will leave her skin bouncy, dewy and all the other weird adjectives that describe how women’s skin is apparently supposed to look. She’ll thank you, you don’t have to thank us.

Kusshi Makeup Bag

Kusshi isn’t kidding when they say this is the last makeup bag you’ll ever buy. This thing has pockets on pockets and even a detachable make-up brush organizer, but it never looks bulky. Not to mention the premium calf leather exterior makes for an incredibly attractive carrier. She’ll never have to rummage through a bag (and make you late for dinner) again.

kusshi makeup bag holiday gift guide

tiffany necklace gift guide

Tiffany & Co. Love Pendant

Tiffany is Tiffany. Need we say more? The little blue box speaks for itself, but just in case it doesn’t quite get the point across, this Love pendant should make it pretty clear. This delicate piece is a cute yet classy update to the early-aughts nameplate trend (which is making a comeback, btw) and the perfect middle of the road way to gift Tiffany without going full diamond solitaire.

La Mer

This is THE moisturizer. The crème de la crème, if you will — except, you know, de la mer. Earlier this year, a certain elder Hemsworth brother caused a minor scandal for stealing his wife’s La Mer, so if you buy this for your wife/girlfriend/whatever and DON’T steal it, you’ll automatically be a better husband/boyfriend/whatever than Chris Hemsworth. You’re welcome.

sephora creme la mer moisturizer holiday gift guide

helena center station bracelet david yurman holiday gift guide

David Yurman Helena Center Station Bracelet

Some people might try to tell you that gifting expensive jewelry is cliché/outdated/too fraught with personal predilection to possibly get right. Those people are incorrect. High quality, classic jewelry never goes out of style, and if you’re going to drop a handsome sum on a gift, it’s best spent on something tried and true. As far as navigating the nuances of personal taste go, this David Yurman bracelet is kind of a one-size fits all (in a classy way). A little silver, a little gold, and plenty of diamonds, this elegant number is a jewelry-gifting fail-safe.

For Your Friend Who is a Lady

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Glass Candle

Candles are often unduly shaded as a cop-out Mother’s Day gift, but trust us when we tell you Voluspa candles are A Thing. Boasting elegant packaging and sophisticated scents, Voluspa candles are the candles you gift someone when you genuinely want to give them a candle but don’t want to “just give them a candle.” Candle-gifting, but make it classy.

candle gift ideas holidays

thomas roth holiday gift ideas

Peter Thomas Roth Mix, Mask & Hydrate

It’s impossible to say what “self-care” really means in 2019, but we all seem to have agreed it has something to do with face masks. Peter Thomas Roth is the best in the face mask game, and this gift set includes five different specialty masks (including the cult favorite Irish Moor Mud Mask) that will ensure your friend’s skin is fully self-cared for this winter.

Kate Spade Spencer Chain Wallet

There’s not a girl in the world who couldn’t use another crossbody. They’re sleek, stylish and surprisingly functional for a trendy piece of women’s wear. And just in case you happen to be friends with the one girl in the world who doesn’t want another crossbody, this Kate Spade number with a removable chain strap doubles as a wallet, so it basically comes with a built-in backup gift. 

kate spade holiday gift ideas

cashmere scarf gift ideas

Burberry Classic Check Cashmere Scarf

If you’re going to spend a hefty sum on a scarf this winter (or any winter), it’s going to be the Burberry Classic Check. Luxurious yet practical, this timeless statement piece is the perfect gift for when you want to go big without going over the top. 

Louis Vuitton V Gloves

There are certain friends who deserve top-of-the-line gifts, but when you’re spending big on a female friend, it can be tough to strike the right balance of extravagant yet non-romantic. Enter: Louis Vuitton gloves. Gloves are a practical, platonic gift that won’t raise the ire of any other women in your life, but these sleek black lambskin ones will still make an impression on the lucky friend who receives them..

louis vuitton gloves holiday gift ideas

mother mom holiday gift ideas roller la vie en rose

Angela Caglia La Vie en Rose Face Roller

Gifting your mother something skincare-related is tricky territory; it can often invite accusations of the “I guess you think I look old” variety. While this rose-quartz face roller does aid in draining fluid, helps boost circulation, and improves elasticity, it’s more about how much fun it is to use — it’s a facial you’re mom can take with her anywhere.

J.Crew Cashmere-lined leather tech gloves

Gloves might seem like a boring gift, but this pair is quietly luxurious (they’re leather and lined with cashmere) and thus will serve as a worthy gift for your mom. Plus, for an extra $10 you can have them personalized with her initials leaving her with no choice but to keep and cherish them.

holiday gift ideas mother mom leather tech gloves

holiday gift ideas mom mother Eau de Parfum - Rose 31, 50ml

Le Labo Eau de Parfum – Rose 31, 50ml

Scents are a very personal thing but it’s hard to go wrong with Le Labo’s Rose 31. Ignore your inclinations to go with something like Chanel No. 5 (how boring) and opt for a brand that’ll up your mom’s street cred and make her the coolest (and best smelling) of all her friends.

Stone and Strand Alphabet 14-karat gold diamond necklace

I normally wouldn’t recommend buying jewelry unless you’re absolutely certain of your mother’s taste (it’s a big commitment, especially when diamonds are involved). This piece from Stone and Strand, however, is timeless and guaranteed to please even the most particular of mothers. Get your mom’s initial or get yours and reaffirm your status as the favorite child.

holiday gift ideas for mom mother stone and strand necklace

mansur gavriel lady bag holiday gift ideas for mom mother

Mansur Gavriel Mini Lady Bag

Your mom is a lady, get her a Lady bag. Mansur Gavriel is known for their understated yet elegant handbags and this iteration is bound to become a staple in her everyday rotation. Despite being a “mini” bag, it’s still big enough to hold all of your mother’s essentials (we know how moms like to tote around a lot of stuff). It’s the bag to end all bags.

For Your Old Man

Porsche Drive: 15 Passes in 4 Days

If your father is anything like mine — retired, bored and prone to bouts of Walter Mitty-an daydreaming — he spends a lot of time thinking about extravagant trips he will never take and sports cars he will never drive. Here is a book full of both of those things.

holiday gift ideas dad books prosche drive

holiday gift ideas dad father johnathan adler coasters

Jonathan Adler Animalia Coasters

Do you respect wood? Because your dad definitely does. Now pick your damn glass up off his reclaimed teak table and slide one of these bad boys under it.

Autodromo Stringback driving gloves

For the dad who actually owns one of those Porsches in the photobook two spots above this. And for the dad who doesn’t (yet), these gorgeous leather gloves may make him feel like he does no matter what he’s driving.

holiday gift ideas dad driving gloves

holiday gift ideas dad garment bag

Stitch Ultimate Garment Bag

The best type of dad gift is anything that innovates a normal household item it in some novel and useful way, which he will in turn show off to any neighbor or friend who swings by the house for the next four months … like, say, a garment bag that coils back on itself and then zips closed via two wing flaps to create a makeshift duffel with enough space for a weekend’s worth of clothes.

J.Crew x Baracuta® G9 jacket in winter corduroy

The Baracuta G9 Harrington — like Barbour’s Bedale or Filson’s Mackinaw Cruiser — is one of those timelessly cool and classic jackets that will look as current 20 years from now as it did 20 years ago. And this special edition is done up in a “winter corduroy” (read: heavy and flannel-lined) for a bit of extra panache.

holiday gift ideas dad j.crew jacket

Mack Weldon Holiday 3-Pack of Jersey Boxer Briefs

In the corner of the internet occupied by menswear enthusiasts, it is damn near universally agreed upon that Mack Weldon makes the best boxer briefs on the market. They’re soft as hell but still rather significant, they don’t ride up, and they come in a bunch of tasteful patterns and colors. They’re not cheap, but nor should you be.

holiday gift ideas boyfriend underwear

holiday gift ideas boyfriend blanket

Faribault Revival Stripe Wool Throw

We can’t think of a single reason to be romantically involved with a man who doesn’t have at least one of these in is home.

American Trench Limited Edition Wool Snap Jacket in Geometric Jaquard

People, ourselves included, have been all over the patterned Patagona trend in recent years. Think of this smart wool jacket as an elevated take on that. It’s constructed with wool from the famous Woolrich mill, and it features a pattern that references the American west without being too hokey.

holiday gift ideas boyfriend jacket

holiday gift ideas boyfriend watch

Hamilton Khaki King Auto

We wouldn’t ordinarily recommend just going out and buying someone a watch without them having any say, but Hamilton’s Khaki King is such a staple at this point, so versatile and understated, that it’s hard to imagine a man for whom this wouldn’t be perfectly suited.

Todd Snyder Alden Indy Boot

Even if your dude’s been rocking really nice boots by a company like Red Wing or Wolverine, you can pretty much rest assured he’s been been lusting after a pair of Indy Boots all along. They’e more expensive, but not outrageously so. Help him make the jump.

holiday gift ideas boyfriend boots

holiday gift ideas under $25

AMIR Phone Camera Lens Kit

As we all know, the gift of professional-quality selfies is the gift that keeps on giving. This wide-angle lens attaches to a cell phone to expand its field of view and comes with an LED light with three brightness settings.

ValueRays USB Mouse Hand Warmer

If your office is anything like the InsideHook office, it’s freezing year-round, but it can get especially unbearable as we head into December. This heated mousepad is essentially a mini electric blanket you can slip your hand inside while you click and scroll to provide a little extra warmth at work.

holiday gift ideas for under $25

holiday gifts under $25

UncommonGoods Bourbon Infused Coffee

First thing in the morning might be too early for an actual splash of Kentucky’s finest in your coffee, but this bourbon-infused coffee is the next-best thing. It doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, but the 100 percent Arabica beans are infused with the spirit to absorb its flavor — making it perfect for after a holiday meal.

MyPupSocks Custom face socks

If you don’t know someone well enough to have any clue what to get them, you can’t go wrong with this gag gift that comes in 30 different styles and colors. It’s more personal than a Starbucks gift card, and everyone will get a kick out of seeing their own face on a pair of socks. Or, pull the ultimate power move and put your own mug on them.

holiday gift ideas under $25

holiday gift ideas under $25

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Set

As the air gets colder and drier, we’re headed into peak chapped lips season. Don’t let your friends and coworkers be unprepared: this limited-edition set includes three flavors — natural mint, shea butter and black cherry.

holiday gift guide towel stoner

Blue Q The Food Has Weed in It Dish Towel

A dish towel is the sort of thing that you can never really have too many of, but no one thinks to buy for him/herself, and thus it makes for a very good low-key host gift. Provided, of course, that it says something hilarious on it. Don’t just show up with a plain towel. That would be lame. Ultimate pro move? Bringing some weed along with the towel.

Palm City Products Deluxe Wine Charm Set

You know what sucks at a party? Going to pick up your glass of wine and realizing it’s sitting next to four identical glasses of wine. Help your host help their guests to avoid this unfortunate scenario with these charming little, er, charms — a tiny idol for each guest’s glass, and no more wondering whose is whose.

holiday gift ideas wine

holiday gift ideas diffuser

Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Diffuser

A candle is … not a great gift. It’s not a bad gift, it’s just a little too standard to really have the sort of impact you’re looking for. Now a diffuser, on the other hand, totally different story — you don’t see them around nearly as often, and thus it not only makes the place smell terrific (seriously, the folks at Jo Malone have this down to a literal science), but it also makes for a nice design-y conversation piece. Win win.

Izola Private Reserve 3oz. Flask

Hosting a party, while fun, is also stressful. Party guest power move? Upon entry, hand the host a bottle of real top shelf hooch that has obviously been opened. When the host inevitably comments on this (or there is an awkward silence when you can tell he/she wants to but is too polite to do so), slyly pass them this cheeky steel flask that you’ve filled from the bottle. The two of you can sneak nips from the “private reserve” all night long, and later it’ll make a nice addition to the bar cart.

holiday gift ideas host flask

holiday gift guide ideas chef kitchen knife

Enso Hammered Damascus Stainless Steel Gyuto Chef’s Knife

“I have given this exact same knife to probably fifteen different people for almost every occasion — birthday, housewarming, wedding, bar-mitzvah, whatever. And while I have no way of proving this, I’d swear that every one of them later reached out to say what a welcome addition it was to their kitchen. No one is mad at a handsome, well-made Japanese chef’s knife. Not even people who own one already.” -Danny Agnew, IH Creative Director

holiday gift guide for them and you
holiday gift ideas liquor whisky crown royal
Crown Royal XR Blended Canadian Whisky, 40% Alc/Vol. The Crown Royal Company, Norwalk, CT

Crown Royal XR


When asking for a bottle of booze this holiday season, it behooves a tipple-minded gent to steer toward something he’ll truly savor — something, perhaps, he’ll never be able to get again?

Crown Royal XR (see: “extra rare”) fits the bill nicely, a rich, multifaceted dram crafted from the last precious reserves of whisky from the renowned LaSalle distillery, closed 26 years ago. Once it’s gone, it’s gone — so see that this is the season you get your hands on some.

Last Call: Bartenders on Their Final Drink and the Wisdom and Rituals of Closing Time

James Beard Award-winning author Brad Thomas Parsons asks our nation’s finest mixologists about the last drink they’d have before they die. And yes, there are recipes, so you can prep for your own demise!

holiday gift guide ideas tippler cocktails

holiday gift ideas bartender mixology cocktails

Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool

Professional bartenders and serious drinks hobbyists aside, you really only need a few simple tools for your home bar. Izola’s bronze-plated steel multitool solves most of ‘em: Here, you get a jigger, bottle opener, corkscrew and ice hammer.

No. 552 Cooper & Thief x Billykirk Bartender Bag

This handsome full-grain leather carryall (which resembles an old-school physician’s bag) features a reinforced bottom, solid brass handle rivets and an array of copper-plated bar tools (strainer, muddler, strainer, jigger). Plus, there’s a secret flap to stash a bottle of wine. Don’t worry if it’s sold out: Reissues of the bag will be released in limited drops over the next few weeks.

holiday gift ideas bartenders cocktails

holiday gift ideas cocktails bartender barcart

Grazia & Co. New York Drinks Cabinet

In lieu of a bar cart or open shelves, this eye-catching, Aussie-made cabinet features a drop-down front and fold-up top, so you can display your booze only when you need to.

Crowd Cow A5 Wagyu Beef

Shipping directly to your (or your gift recipient’s) door, Crowd Cow’s A5 Wagyu Petite Striploin Sampler is hand-cut from three award-winning Japanese prefectures: Kagawa, Iwate and Kagoshima. Each beef is special and sumptuous in its own unique way, ensuring even the most discerning umami fans won’t be disappointed.

Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour Over Set

There are a few problems with home pour-over sets. For one, they sometimes look stupid. The other big issue is the coffee just doesn’t stay warm long enough for you to enjoy it. The double-wall on this carafe insures that the coffee doesn’t go room temp in a few minutes, and the handy measurement markers helps you get just the right amount of grinds for the perfect coffee every single time.

holiday gift ideas foodie coffee

holiday gift ideas foodie chef knives

Dalstrong Nakiri Vegetable Knife

We get that your chef knife is custom and cost a ton of money and that it can do pretty much anything. But have you used it to chop multiple onions or all the veggies you got from the CSA? You need a veggie knife, and this bad boy made of Japanese steel will pretty much change any home chef’s prep life.

Best Made Co. X Staub 7 Qt. Round Cocotte

Whoever gets this piece of cast iron will be passing it down to their kids, and then those kids will probably pass it down to theirs. It’s a family heirloom in the making. Think of all the lamb shanks and chili that will be made in this thing!

holiday gift ideas foodie chef staub

holiday gift ideas foodie chef barbecue

Cowboy Cauldron

There are few things as perfect as cooking over a fire, but what if you want to do some ribs on Saturday and a seafood boil on Sunday? This solid-plate steel sucker will be any home cook’s favorite new thing to use. Forget the grill and the stove: all hail the Cowboy Cauldron. 

Filson Bridle Leather Keychain

You know the Filson briefcase every has? You know the handles on them? And how they’re built of seemingly indestructible leather that eventually wears in beautifully and seems to mold to your hand? Yeah, this keychain is made of that. I’ve had one for years, and it brings me immense joy, which I promise isn’t as sad as it sounds

holiday gift ideas knives

holiday gift ideas wallet

Spine Wallet

It’s pretty much a given that no one who knows anything uses one of those bulky bi- or trifold wallets your dad used to jam in his ass pocket. They encourage hoarding of useless papers and cards, and they cause unnecessary nerve pain in the back and lower body. The Spine Wallet consists of a credit card-thin piece of titanium with a sturdy elastic strap attached to hold cash and cards. And the titanium has a bottle opener built in.

Leatherman FREE T4 – One Handed Multitool

The EDC-er in your life probably has a leatherman sitting around somewhere — we all do — but the T4 is sure to teach him an important lesson: the brand is not at all resting on their laurels and continue to bring new design elements and concepts to your pocket. This one-handed multitool features everything you’ll ever need, from a 420HC knife to an awl.

holiday gift ideas knives

holiday gift ideas knives

James Brand The Duval

This front-flipper from The James Brand features a CPM S35N stainless steel blade and a micarta handle that takes on a beautiful patina with extended use. Opening it takes a bit of practice, but once you get it, this thing essentially becomes a fidget-spinner for adults.

Benchmade 1100 Series Tactical Pen

It’s far from cheap, but the Tactical Pen from Benchmade somehow feels even more expensive when you actually hold it. The anodized aluminum version in particular feels like it will last a lifetime… because it will.

holiday gift ideas pen

Lucky Bastard Dual Reef-Safe Sunscreen Set

The elevated, punchy lotion ‘n’ lip balm fellas from Venice Beach use organic ingredients to make good-smelling grooming products for men. We love their products, and would recommend starting with this sunscreen set, which includes a stick and lotion.

holiday gift ideas travel

holiday gift ideas travel passport case

Coach Passport Case

Don’t knock the passport holder life until you try it. Coach makes one of the most exquisite in the game, a silky calf leather case with three credit card slots. It’ll lend you mad credibility at customs.

Glerups Camp Sole

This family-owned Danish brand uses Merino wool from New Zealand to make plush slip-ons that naturally shed fabric until they’re molded perfectly to your feet. They’re anti-microbial (which means they don’t stink) and thanks to those new rubber soles, are now a spot-on selection for travel days.

holiday gift idea travel slippers

holiday gift guide ideas headphones travel

Bose Noise Cancelling 700 

So you don’t have to hear the galley cart rumble up and down the aisle all flight. These puppies allow you to doctor the amount of noise cancelling, with 11 different settings. They also supply 20 hours of wireless battery life, can access Alexa or Google Assistant, and have four microphones to pick up your voice on a call.

Away Set of Two

The Babushka dolls of sleek, affordable luggage, these trunks literally fit within each other. A set of two includes one carry-on and one checked bag, each constructed from a polycarbonate shell, with batteries that’ll charge your phone, a laundry bag, luggage tags, and 360-degree spinner wheels that can handle a mad dash to the gat.

gift guide ideas travel suitcase

Flipbin Model 33

Anyone with a decent sized vinyl collection knows full well that somewhere right near your turntable lies a stack of the records you’ve listened to or purchased most recently. It can get sloppy, and your spouse may constantly be annoyed by it. No longer, thanks to this handsome bin that’ll hold around 30 LPs.

holiday gift ideas lp records

holiday gift guide music collector

Symbol Audio Max Record Stand

Symbol Audio makes some very beautiful and very expensive furniture for vinyl nerds. And while we very much appreciate the work they do, we will also admit that the Max Record Stand is the first product of theirs that hits the sweet spot of value, good looks and performance.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers

For the audiophile who’s recently made the jump to a bluetooth-enabled system (the two are no longer mutually exclusive), or even just the guy who’s looking for some good speakers to hook up to his computer, the A5+ is hard to beat. Surprising amounts of low end, a small footprint, and some very nice, classic design.

holiday gift guide speakers

holiday gift guide speakers sonos

Sonos Play 5

The most powerful Sonos speaker works brilliantly as a single unit, but even better as a pair, when intelligently switch out of mono mode and into stereo. It’s an innovative product that looks good and sounds even better.

Concept Turntable

There are higher-end turntables out there, and there are probably different cartridge/tonearm combinations that could be argued for, but one thing Clear Audio offers with the Concept is very high-quality sound with unprecedented ease of use. The perfect table for the vinyl fan who isn’t much of a tinkerer.

holiday gift guide turntable

DJI Osmo Pocket

As the name suggests, this candy-bar-sized camera adjusts in real time to your movement, providing incredibly stable 4K/60fps video and hi-res pics — all of which you can edit, score and filter on your phone.

holiday gift guide tech gadgets

holiday gift guide tech guide

Stow London First Class Leather Tech Case

All your chargers, tablets, headphones and cords have to go somewhere when you travel. Might as well be in this stylish and colorful leather case, which has all the compartments, folds and slots you need for your devices and, if you’re old-school, for your paperwork.

Courant Catch: 3+ Carry

Your ideal desk companion: It’s a combination sleek wireless charging dock, valet tray and portable wireless power bank, available in four different colors.

holiday gift guide tech gadgets

holiday gift guide tech gadgets

Twelve South Airfly Pro

Those cool wireless earbuds and headphones don’t work so well at the gym or on a plane. The AirFly is a tiny transmitter that’ll link your devices in places that only offer a headphone jack — and you can share your music or movie listening with a partner. Bonus: This new version can also send audio from your phone to your car stereo or non-Bluetooth speaker. 

The Frame TV by Samsung

When you’re not watching a show on these slim wall-mounted, QLED 4K sets, they’ll display a rotating selection of artwork, which can “buy” individually or change constantly via a subscription.

holiday gift guide tech gadgets smart tv

holiday gift ideas hat beanie

UNIQLO Heattech Knitted Cap

This is exactly the kind of thing that should be going into a stocking — cheap enough that the giver doesn’t feel bad making it, you know, a stocking gift, but nice enough that it actually feels like a proper gift. All the textured knit and heathered goodness of a “heritage” beanie at a fraction the price, plus Uniqlo’s HEATTECH insulation to keep your dome toasty.

Veja V-10 Extra White Nautico Pekin

Veja shoes are made entirely from sustainable materials in the Porto Alegre region of Brazil, and that’s great because we love the earth — but, equally importantly, they just look mad cool. Classic white court shoe silhouette with a timeless dose of navy and red, and that perforated toe? Throwback perfection.

holiday gift guide clothes shoes

holiday gift ideas topcoat

Todd Snyder Double Breasted Herringbone Topcoat

Admittedly, someone would need to really like you (or owe you a blood debt of some variety) to drop this much on a holiday gift for you. But by the Beard of Zeus will you just look at this thing. 100% Italian wool, horn buttons, fur collar …it’s spendy, but if you can swing it, you’re looking at a lifetime of “hot damn, where did you get that coat??”

Tombolo “The Angler” Cabana Shirt

Tombolo bills their eye-catching vacation gear as “maximalist inactivewear” — in layman’s terms, bold designs meant for chilling on a beach/boat/lounge chair somewhere warm. And what more perfect excuse do you need to begin plotting a sunny, tropical reprieve from winter than owning the chillest shirt of all time to wear once you arrive?

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holiday gift guide clothing cardigan

Goodlife lim Fit Shawl Collar Cardigan

The key to a good cardigan is that it should look as good open as it does buttoned. Goodlife’s shawl-collared number is cut perfectly in that regard, with a slim fit that drapes almost like your favorite fitted blazer. Add to that the superbly textured waffle-y knit and you’ve got yourself a wintertime workhorse.

holiday gift guide bandana

Best Made Co. Mallmann’s Oak Leaf Bandana

As far as bang for your buck goes, the bandana is about as good as it gets, due to its versatility. It can serve as a napkin, a neck scarf, a hair tie, or even a makeshift water filter if you’re in a pinch. This version from Best Made is a real looker, too.

Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle

Unlike the VSCO girl mentioned above, the true outdoorsman still probaby prefers Yeti over Hydro Flask or any of the other competitors out there. Stick with the original.

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holiday gift guide patagonia bag

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag

Another one of those items every self-respecting man with even a passing fondness for the outdoors should have in his gear closet. It’s basically indestructible and can fit everything you’ll think to stuff in it, even given your lifelong status as an over-packer.

MSR Reactor Stove System

For the dedicated car campers among us, the outdoor stove is an integral part of any weekend getaway. This puppy will get a liter of water boiling in less than two minutes. And just like that, you and the missus have coffee.

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holiday gift ideas outdoor apparel

Vollebak Black Squid Jacket

$995 for an outer shell is quite a lot of money, we realize, but such is the going rate for a jacket that integrates color-shifting properties that mimic those of an actual black squid. Indoors, it’ll appear black. But outdoors, on the slopes? It’ll reflect all the natural light being thrown at it and begin to resemble liquid metal. There’s some real Terminator 2 shit going on here, and we are into it.

holiday gift ideas football

Sharper Image NFL Hover Football

Most miniature footballs end up under the couch or chewed up by the dog. This one floats in mid-air over a base that can play music, charge your phone and light up the room.  

MyFancyCraft Wood Beer Mug

Wood: good. Steel: good. This offering combines them in a medieval-ish mug that can hold 20 ounces of hot mulled wine, cold ale or room-temperature mead which won’t be easy to misplace once you’ve emptied it a few times.

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holiday gift guide pop shot basketball


Scientists have proven that it’s physically impossible to walk past a Pop-A-Shot without stopping and popping. It’s a luxury item, but it’ll save its owner a ton of quarters.

Honeywell TurboForce Heat Circulators

One of the biggest perks of being inside during the winter is being warm and cozy. Outside of a fireplace, there’s no better way to ensure a space is both than with a heat circulator from Honeywell.

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pac man holiday gift

Sharper Image Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Cocktail Table

Resting a cocktail or beer on a bartop or counter is so passé. Resting an adult beverage on a head-to-head video game table with a 19-inch LCD screen that’s stocked with 13 classic titles is much more fashionable.

holiday gift gym jumprope

Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

Jumping rope is “the most convenient, efficienticent and effective exercise in the game,” according to former boxer and current supermodel trainer Michael Oladije Jr. The first step towards high-stepping is getting yourself a no-frills rope. We like this classic from Everlast.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

The most controversial running sneaker of all time? Marathon records are shattered when pro runners wear this hyper-foamy, carbon-plated racing shoe, and the advantage extends down to casual runners, too. For the gym rat looking to spend a little more time on the roads next year, you’ll want to pick up this sneaker before it gets banned.

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holiday gift guide idea gym massage

TheraGun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device

For our money (and it costs a solid chunk of it, to be fair), this is the best everyday recovery tool out there right now. Designed by MIT engineers, the Theragun uses percussive therapy to encourage blood flow to tight, afflicted areas of the body. If you’re serious about fixing your back, unwinding your calves, or easing old strains in your hammies — after the gym, a run, a flight, or just eight hours at the office — it’s a no-brainer.

Lululemon Command The Day Duffel

We tested a bunch of gym bags earlier this year, and dubbed this 37-liter number “the most office appropriate,” thanks to its pared-back looks and waterproof exterior. Commutes don’t stand a chance. We’re also fans of its shoe garage, padded laptop sleeve, and external water bottle pocket. 

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holiday gift guide workout wear

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Hoodie

Outdoor Voices has started a fitness revolution with its #DoingThings (running, yoga, lifting, hiking) mantra, and this piece is the exact base layer for doing ‘em in. It’s basically your favorite activewear tee as a pocketed sweatshirt.