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Sunn O))) and the New Era of Drone

Long live the transformative and meditative potential of the loud, long and fat electric guitar chord

From “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “The Dirt,” the High and Low Notes of Rock Biopics

If we don’t have new bands or records to talk about, let’s find a new way to engage with the old ones

Kurt Cobain’s Manager Reveals Intimate Side of Nirvana Frontman on 25th Anniversary of Death

Danny Goldberg’s Serving the Servant offers rare new insight into musical icon.

A Reflection On the 40th Anniversary of Eric Clapton’s Famous Marriage to His Muse, Pattie Boyd

And on how the notoriety of musical concubines obscures great women musicians.

Ragnarok and Roll: How RCL Critic Fell Hard for Nordic Ambient Music

Imagine Vikings around a fire with bone flutes, reindeer horns, and deer-skin drums.

Hey Punks, End This Damn Feud!

Lydon, Rollins, Ramone took different routes to fame, but all deserve respect.  

Why Music Can’t Be Beat as a Shaper of Identity

It's not just a soundtrack, it's a magnet, says RCL's music critic.

An Apology to Lady Gaga: You Are Not “Shallow”

RCL’s Tim Sommer says diva will “lead others to the Kingdom of Outsiders.”

Forget Boycotting Ryan Adams, It’s the Broken Record That Needs Fixing

More women in the music industry is the only way to counter all those abusive men.

Grammys 2019 Hits a New Low Note

Lady Gaga can cry all she wants, but this isn’t what music is about.

Remembering That Time 55 Years Ago When The Beatles Met Ed Sullivan

Six ways England forged the Fab Four before they arrived for the really big show.

Weezer’s Vapid Teal Album Has Our Critic Seeing Red

Collection of covers doesn't cover any interesting new ground.

Before Blue Öyster Cult Lost Their Way, They Led Greasers to Paradise

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” is only a small sliver of an underappreciated band’s legacy.

Hawkwind and Dave Brock Hit New High Note In Band’s 50th Year

Space rock icon opens up to RealClearLife on new album, historic legacy.

This Politician Doesn’t Mind If You Call Him a Punk

Meet New York City Councilman and former hardcore legend Justin Brannan.

Pete Shelley Sang Punk Rock About Our Lives

Buzzcocks' lead singer pioneered a melding of pop and punk that directly connected with fans.