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Why These Stephen King Books Keep Getting Made Into Movies

“Pet Sematary,” “It” and “Carrie” share King’s great primal obsession.

On the Sad, Scary State of Movie Theaters

Forget evoking Hollywood grandeur, the modern cineplex is a dirty, noisy, penny-pinching dump.

Elephant in the Room: Does Tim Burton Have Any Movie Magic Left?

An RCL critic asks as "Dumbo" and a musical "Beetlejuice" hit theaters.

How the Disney Takeover of Hollywood Impacts the Future of Film

By gobbling up Fox, Disney is killing off vestiges of the old studio model's independence.

How Three Teen Idols Filled the Fantasy Role Their Era Assigned Them

Jan-Michael Vincent, Peter Tork, and Luke Perry forged very different paths through stardom.

Jordan Peele Pushes the Horror Envelope for “Us”

New film by the "Get Out" Oscar winner asks us to face our secret shames.

Shamrocks vs. Shams: Good—and Bad—Movies About the Irish Experience

For St. Patrick's Day, sorting out cinematic sincerity from schmaltz, phony brogues.

Hollywood’s Long and Complicated Love Affair With Drag

And how it goes from celebration to mockery in the blink of an eyelash.

Oscars Have Not Recognized the Gold Standard of All-Time Greats

Glenn Close joins esteemed group of Hollywood legends disrespected by Academy Awards.

Oscars Needs a Rewrite: For all the Changes, “Green Book” Win Shows Academy Still Stuck in Past

“Black Panther” or “Roma” would have been a riskier, more revolutionary choice.

Why Inclusion of Women in Film Is Working, Even If Hollywood System Isn’t

Box office and quality is higher for female-directed films, so why not more opportunities?

The Movie That Almost Made Us Fall in Love With Rom-Coms Again. Almost.

“Isn’t It Romantic” isn’t a classic, but is standout in genre that’s gone cold.