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Five Female Serial Killers You’ve Never Heard Of

Homicidal women don’t always kill for the same reasons as murderous men.

Netflix Re-Examines the Murders Surrounding Michael Peterson

"The Staircase" is a new look at a crime that’s riveted people for nearly 20 years.

‘The Madness of Two’: Killer Couples and the ‘Pizza Bomber’

As the true crime doc 'Evil Genius' shows, sometimes people bring out the worst in each other.

Eight Cold Cases That Could Be Cracked by DNA and Genealogy

Like the alleged Golden State Killer, sometimes secrets hide among the branches of a family tree.

Do Serial Killers Really Ever Retire?

Though alleged Golden State Killer Joseph James DeAngelo has been captured, questions remain.

Nature Unknown: 24 Hours of Terror in Antioch, Tennessee

Travis Reinking is in custody, but shots still echo in the Nashville suburb.

On the Ice-Cold Trail of the I-70 Killer

Did this anonymous psychopath commit the perfect crime?

The Unholy Mystery of the Murdered Priests

At least three priests vanished or were killed by unknown assailants—Were the crimes connected?

10 Bizarre Unsolved Murders That Will Keep You Up at Night

Frustrated sleuths still seek answers to these creepy mysteries.

Motives of the Austin Serial Bomber Remain a Mystery

A suspect is dead and five bombs have exploded across the Texas capital.

The Fifth Nail and Beyond: Websites Built by Psychopaths

Sometimes, a blog can be a boring digital mask hiding a nightmare.

The Mile-High Killer’s Forgotten Hammer-Wielding Rampage

For a month in 1984, a monster haunted the Denver suburbs. His identity is a mystery still today.

Michelle McNamara’s Story of a Terrifying, Unknown Serial Killer is a True Crime Masterwork

She died in 2016 with the manuscript unfinished. Her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, completed it.

Moosylvania: When Cartoon Comedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis Collided

Even the threat of nuclear war wouldn't stop Bullwinkle creator Jay Ward from his mission.

Naming the Nameless: The Internet Tries to Identify John and Jane Does

These sites are encyclopedias of the unknown missing and dead ... and can help unlock their secrets.