Plenty of folks will tell you how to negotiate.

Bookstore shelves sag with tomes. Universities offer courses. Throw rock, hit expert.

The real secret: get paddle, play Ping-Pong.

Here to bring more pow to your powwow: the custom table tennis architects of LA-based Eleven Ravens, now selling conference table/table tennis sets.

From industrial designer and Pong-spert Bernard Semerdjian, Eleven Ravens’ tables are ultra high-end vanity pieces made from bamboo, teak and brushed aluminum. 

Like this table featuring The Amazing Spider-Man, limited in production and signed by Stan Lee.

Tables are built to order. Just give them a call and they’ll run through what you want. You deposit 30 percent of the cost (starts around $11K), and they set to work.

Fabrication takes nine to 14 weeks, and 11 Ravens will deliver and assemble it (at your cost).

And after that, you win in style.