If shaking off last night’s whiskeyed antics was easy, there wouldn’t be a market for RU-21 and chili-drenched tater tots.

But that market exists, just like your headache.

Fight the feel-bads with a heavy dose of the good stuff (fruit and vegetables, mon frere), courtesy of Happy Moose Juice and their fresh-daily raw and organic cold presses.

What you’re thinking: should a man juice? Yes, a man should juice. Didn’t say cleanse. Said juice. Doesn’t mean you’re giving up lunch.

Happy Moose pops-up its eight and 16 oz. bottles at Range on Valencia in the daylight hours, but the forward-thinking man can always order ahead via Good Eggs.

BeetFor the alcohol-related malady, we recommend two tasty potables.

First up: Pharmoosey Rx. Given the amount of awesome they've squeezed into the bottle — sweet carrots and beets, supergreens and a ginger-garlic kick — we're willing to forgive the name. The bloody color is a bonus.

KaleAnd for the green juice man, try the Kale Earnhardt. Jokes about revving engines aside, this guy'll have you bright-eyed in sixty seconds, care of his kale-and-spinach frame and bright lemon and green apple finish.

Worth mentioning: this is the only cold-pressing joint in the Mission.

So put down those cheese fries and save the hair of the dog for tonight.