The Best Fall-Appropriate Hats for Men
By Mike Conklin
Ebbets Field makes some of the highest quality vintage-inspired baseball caps in the world, and while I encourage you to browse their site and marvel at the vast selection, I also think you could do far worse than just picking up this subtly branded Huckberry collaboration with the brand, featuring a simple capital H and an adjustable strap.
Huckberry Ebbets Field Explorer’s Cap
When fall finally rolls around, L.L. Bean really starts to shine. They do cozy, rugged shit better than just about anyone, and this simple but handsome wool cap, with its contrasting color blocks, is perfectly on brand.
L.L. Bean Wool-Blend Ball Cap
Another one of the season’s best fabrics is waxed cotton, which is basically just regular cotton with a wax finish to keep it water-resistant. It also adds a nice texture that gets better with age. Orvis is among the brands most associated with the fabric, and this hat is pretty much begging to be worn for years and years to come.
Orvis Waxed-Cotton Ball Cap
A little bit of a different vibe on this one, as we switch to the lower-profile five-panel style. Patagonia used a blend of 60% recycled wool, 30% recycled polyester and 10% recycled nylon to construct a warm, durable hat that’ll look cool on the trails or around town. I’m partial to the plaid option, but all are great.
Patagonia Recycled Wool Cap
My dad only ever wore Titleist golf hats, so I’ve never quite understood this whole “dad hat” thing, but whatever: it just means it’s a somewhat floppy and low-profile. Todd Snyder’s is made of rugged twill and features an adjustable strap that boasts a sneaky little selvedge line.
Todd Snyder x New Era Selvedge Chino Dad Hat
Oh yeah, now we’re talking. Faded, medium-wale corduroy with an adjustable leather strap. It’s floppy and soft-looking, and I want it in every color.
J.Crew Garment-Dyed Corduroy Cap
A nice option for the retro-minded minimalist, this flat-brim number from Deso Supply Co. has an understated badge and one of those rope things across the top of the brim that seems to serve no purpose whatsoever aside from looking cool.
Deso Supply Co. Everywhere In Between 5-Panel
This is the closest I’ve found to my beloved and beat-to-shit tweed Orvis hat I wrote about in the intro you probably skipped (it’s cool, I always skip them too). I like to imagine every single character on Succession is wearing this hat right this very second.
Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed Baseball Cap
Uh, it’s a brown corduroy hat with a fucking Smokey Bear emblazoned across the front. I’m not really sure what else I can say to convince you to buy this. Except maybe that it’s made by Filson and will thus last you approximately 100 years.
Filson Smokey Bear Low-Profile Cap
So one of the common misconceptions about fall is that it’s reserved exclusively for earth tones and generally darker colors. Not so. Observe this perfectly fall-appropriate green New Era hat from Rowing Blazers, and relish in the bright colors and total extreme whimsy of the balloon. A little bit of color never hurt anyone, even in fall.
Rowing Blazers x New Era Balloon Hat
A low-profile four-panel from the streetwear kings at Noah, done in a nice subtle plaid and featuring metal eyelets on the side for breathability. This one’s also got a foam bill, so it’s going to be extra pliable.
Noah Packable 4-Panel
Waxed cotton, a flat brim, an unstructured dome, a subdued plaid and a nice college-style logo proving you’re cool enough to have gone even a step deeper into the streetwear game than the Noah hat above. We've put in the work researching, reviewing and rounding up all the shirts, jackets, shoes and accessories you'll need this season, whether it's for yourself or for gifting purposes. Sign up here for weekly style inspo direct to your inbox.
Only NY Waxed-Cotton Collegiate Hat