The 9 Best Reusable Water Bottles for All Your Hydration Needs
By Spencer Spellman

Klean Kanteen, which has been making reusable water bottles since the early 2000s, is one of the most recognizable names in the business. The brand offers bottles in a number of different shapes and sizes, but I prefer the 32 oz. wide-mouth design since the opening of Klean Kanteen’s Classic is on the small side. 

Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide

Hikers and backpackers are likely looking for a bottle that’ll keep beverages hot and cold for as long as possible, but also one that is as lightweight as possible. Enter the Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series

Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series

Yeti is a heavyweight compared to many other water bottles, with the 26 oz. Yeti Rambler Vacuum Bottle weighing in at 1.4 pounds without any liquid. What Yeti lacks in nimbleness it makes up for in durability and toughness, which has become a hallmark of its products. 

Yeti Rambler Vacuum Bottle

S’well is one of the most recognizable water bottles, with its sleek shape and creative bottle designs. Most of their bottles, including the Original and Traveler, keep drinks cold for 24-36 hours and hot for up to 12-18 hours.

S’well Stainless Steel Traveler

This Katadyn BeFree Bottle is primarily for the hiker and backpacker adventuring where clean, fresh water is in short supply. The brand’s lightweight, collapsible one-liter pouch fits into a small backpack pocket until you come across a lake, river or stream where you can refill it. 

Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle

Brita’s Premium Filtering Water Bottle takes the concept of the company’s well-known water filtration system and puts it into an insulated bottle format. It’s designed to filter out contaminants in tap water, unlike Katadyn’s more powerful filter system which can be used to purify water from outdoor sources.

Brita Filtering Water Bottle

Takeya has actually trademarked the phrase “Best Lid Ever.” Takeya’s Actives series, designed for active lifestyles, features a leak-proof insulated spout lid with a Hinge-Lock system for the cap to be kept out of the way while you’re sipping. This solves that problem we’ve all experienced from water bottles with attached caps that slap us in the face while drinking. 

Takeya Actives

The Que Collapsible Water Bottle is for those who care more about weight and practicality, and less about insulation and design features. The bottle has a 20 oz. capacity but weighs just 6 oz., and it can collapse to 4.8 inches from 8.4 inches when extended, making it great for backpacking, hiking and camping adventures. 

Que Collapsible Water Bottle

Hibear’s All-Day Adventure Flask is billed as the Swiss Army Tool of insulated bottles. The 32 oz. flask is designed to act as a water bottle, pour-over, cocktail shaker, wine decanter and tea infuser all in one. It features an oversized steel filter for tea, a pour-over lid for coffee, a thermal core that doubles as a muddler, a cap that doubles as a jigger and a removable sleeve that has measurements on the inside that can be used as a mug or bowl for yourself or pets.

Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask
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