Take It From a Woman: Magnum P.I. Should Be Your Summer Style Inspiration
By Logan Mahan
Magnum is known for his eye-catching Hawaiian shirts that are conveniently buttoned just enough to expose all that glorious chest hair. A loose-fitting button-down is an obvious staple of your summer wardrobe, but Magnum also sports his fair share of muscle tanks and fitted polos (unbuttoned all the way down of course) that are just as essential.
The Top
California Cowboy The High Water Bird of Paradise
Arturo Muscle Tank in Faded Black
Lacoste Regular Fit Lightweight Cotton Polo
Corridor Tea Olive Single Piece Polo
We’ve already berated you about why your shorts need to be shorter, so here are a few short shorts reminiscent of the short shorts-king himself: an “anti-ball-crushing” khaki, a four-inch running short, a pair of classic white shorts and a tiny swim trunk (but know the speedo is always an option.
The (Short) Shorts
Lululemon Commission Short 5″ Warpstreme
Rhone 4″ Swift Knit Short – Lined
J. Crew 5″ Stretch Short
The Day Short Riad Tech
Magnum pretty much wears only two types of shoes throughout the show: a dashing white boat shoe and a pair of white PUMA Men’s Easy Riders that are almost sold out on Amazon, so if you can’t snag them, any pair of white, low top sneakers you can comfortably chase criminals down in works too.
The Shoes
Todd Snyder + Sebago Portland in White
Roma Classic Gum Men’s Sneakers
Our P.I. invariably showed off his Detroit Tigers baseball cap throughout the series (but even if you’re not a Tigers fan, any one of these neatly-designed caps will block out those rays). What else? A slim belt to keep those shorts up, a pair of Vuarnet shades (the heritage French sunglass brand Selleck wore in the show), and a newer edition of Selleck’s ever-iconic Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi. We've put in the work researching, reviewing and rounding up all the shirts, jackets, shoes and accessories you'll need this season, whether it's for yourself or for gifting purposes. Sign up here for weekly style inspo direct to your inbox.
The Accessories
Detroit Tigers Classic Team Front 9Twenty
Vuarnet District 1908
Rolex GMT Master II
Nylon Webbing Belt