The Best Stops on Oakland’s Cannabis Trail
By Caitlin White

“Right now, as we’re talking, I’m stuffing compassion bags for ReCompass. It’s run by a girl named Nicole Redler. They facilitate giving out compassionate cannabis, which is for people who are still cannabis patients [or] SB34 patients [who] can come and get free cannabis medicine. People like Nicole and myself are trying to make sure that the legacy of the people who have come before us is preserved. I definitely want to shout out both her and ReCompass, because their work is so purposeful.”


“In terms of brands, I want to shout out Happy Trails. They are a women-owned and equity-owned brand in Oakland, and she has done some amazing work. It’s sold at dispensaries, and we sell it at Rose Mary Jane as well.” 

Happy Trails 

“This is another Black-owned, equity-owned business on the Cannabis Trail. Rickey McCullough owns that one — it’s going to be a beautiful establishment.”

Root’d In The 510

“Then we have another outdoor lounge, at Blunts + Moore — another Black-owned, social equity license holder. It’s owned by Tucky Blunt, and Tucky actually is the first African-American man to be granted a social equity license. Ever. He’s the first one. He [also] has an outdoor lounge called The Happy Lounge.”

Blunts + Moore 

“I personally love Whitethorn Rose — that’s my favorite cultivar, or strain, right now. Huckleberry Hills Farms is actually an Emerald Cup 2023 award winner. It’s a sativa — it’s light, it’s sweet, it tastes like Sweetarts.”

Huckleberry Hills Farms
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