Every Levi’s Jeans Style Number Explained, From 501 to 569

511 Slim

The fit: If you like the appearance of skinny jeans but can’t commit to the real deal, consider the 511 as a safe compromise. They’re cut with a slim thigh and straight leg so you’ll still get the sleek appearance of skinny jeans in a silhouette that’s a little less constricting.

531 Athletic Slim

The fit: As the name would suggest, the 531 is ideal for those who have an athletic build and want a little extra room in the rear and thigh area. The jeans are also made with +Levi’s Flex, the brand’s stretch technology that allows for movement and increased comfort.

501 Original

The fit: The most iconic jeans to ever exist, the 501s have come to be known (and loved) for their straight fit and button-down fly. Made from 100% cotton, the jeans feature no stretch which adds to the classic appeal. If you’re looking to achieve that timeless vintage look, this style references the past in a way that’s reverent rather than dated.

559 Relaxed Straight

The fit: Was the term daily driver created specifically to describe the everyday curb appeal of Levi’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans? Jury’s out on that one, but it’s apparent that the style works great for everything from errands to date night, with a straight leg and a little extra room across the seat and thighs.

569 Loose Straight

The fit: If you wish your jeans fit more like sweatpants, or are fond of the ’90s, then you’ll probably enjoy the massive fit of the Levi’s 569 Loose Straight Jeans. Sitting low on your waste without being what we’d label “baggy”, they’re an easy pair to kick around in.

517 Bootcut

The fit: Yes, bootcut jeans do still exist: as menswear bros will be quick to point out, platforms like TikTok and Instagram have revitalized the style, making the once-billowy denim a must-have for stylish dudes everywhere. While we’re not exactly sold, we do appreciate the utility of the wider leg opening and the flattering slim cut through the waist and thigh.

From the OG 501 to the massive 569 and everything in between, we’ve covered them all… the only question left is which one is right for you. Below, every Levi’s jeans style number explained, from 501 to 569.

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