The Best American Whiskeys of 2022 (That Aren’t Bourbon or Rye)

Arcane Alpha

This Bushwick brewery utilizes vacuum distillation to make unique beer-based spirits. Their first release, crafted and aged in just a matter of weeks, is a whiskey built from an IPA as the base. You’ll get bright and citrusy hop aromas, but also notes of malt, fruit, baking spices and a very mild oak finish.

Laws Whiskey House Bonded Henry Road Malt Whiskey

This Colorado whiskey features a 100% heirloom malted barley mash bill with a combination of specialty malts from the Cody Family Farm, including crystal malt, chocolate malt and biscuit malt. And it does, in fact, taste quite like a chocolate malted biscuit, with hints of apple and tobacco.

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash

An unlikely blend of three straight Bottled-In-Bond whiskeys — 60% Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye, 20% Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and 20% Jack Daniel’s American Malt. While very classic Jack Daniel’s on the nose, the malt provides a creamy mouthfeel that contrasts nicely with the spice of the rye. But there’s also fruit, honey, biscuit and a softer oak note here, which all coalesce on a long-lasting finish. All for under $35.

Dogfish Head Alternate Takes Volume 3

The famed Delaware craft brewery notes that their core whiskey release, Straight Whiskey, is “delicately aged.” It’s certainly pleasant and doesn’t make too many waves. However, expand to their limited releases, like their award-winning Let’s Get Lost American single malt or the new Alternate Takes Volume 3 (a whiskey finished in apple brandy and apple cider barrels) and the flavors go from delicate to outright crowd-pleasing.

Colkegan Cask Strength Single Malt

Santa Fe Spirits is an award-winning independent distillery located 7,000 feet above sea level at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in New Mexico. They craft some Scotch-like whiskeys with a Southwestern twist, including this 118-proof monster. The smoke is prevalent on the nose here, and there’s a lot of dark fruit that comes out on a first sip, followed by milk chocolate, baking spices and a hint of citrus.

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