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  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - Cover
  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Stark

    House Stark

    • Management: Stern but fair. Unfortunate amount of turnover.

    • Reputation: Known for regionally specific biz practices. Trouble remaining competitive in current market landscape.

    • Perks: Pets welcome. Handicap friendly.

    • Drawbacks: Dying business.

    • You are: The New York Times. Or Dunder-Mifflin.

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Lannister

    House Lannister

    • Management: Family business. Patriarchal. Lacking in gender equality.

    • Reputation: Egregious and irresponsible spending.

    • Perks: Amenable to office relationships.

    • Drawbacks: Not sensitive to employees with special needs.

    • You are: Goldman Sachs

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Greyjoy

    House Greyjoy

    • Management: Scattered. In need of clear leader.

    • Reputation: Dickless. Wet behind the ears. Don’t really make anything.

    • Perks: Succinct, easy-to-follow mission statement. No lack of water coolers.

    • Drawbacks: Anti-manufacturing policies make partnerships and/or takeovers necessary. 

    • You areWorking for the U.S. government, circa whenever.

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Tyrell

    House Tyrell

    • Management: Sleeping their way to the top.

    • Reputation: Sleeping your way to the top.

    • Perks: Prime office location.

    • Drawback: Your new business partner is a young and inexperienced mama’s boy.

    • You are: A well-funded Internet start-up

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Bolton

    House Bolton

    • Management: Ruthless. Can’t really trust ‘em.

    • Reputation: Up and coming, but with examples of questionable nepotism.

    • Perks: Kind of an anything-goes culture.

    • Drawbacks: Emasculating HR punishment. 

    • You are: Apple (Steve Jobs's tenure)

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Frey

    House Frey

    • Management: Elderly. Ornery. Also exceedingly duplicitous.

    • Reputation: Harem of young assistants, total control of strategically important pipeline.

    • Perks: Office hook-ups encouraged.  

    • Drawbacks: Bloody awful office parties. 

    • You are: OPEC

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - House Targaryen

    House Targaryen

    • Management: Female

    • Reputation: Known for hostile takeovers, generally being hostile, and hostility. Also smart, but in a hostile kind of way.

    • Perks: Casual office dress. Dragons.

    • Drawback: Staffed primarily by temps. 

    • You are: Yahoo!

  • Your Game of Thrones Office Guide - Night's Watch

    Night's Watch

    • Management: Stern. Not much fun at parties.

    • Reputation: Staffed mainly by criminals. Dealing in antiquated product no one really believes in. You do important work, but nobody really likes you.

    • Perks: Job for life. Cool elevator.

    • Drawbacks: Hostile location. 

    • You are: The IRS