Why the Wisconsin Old Fashioned Should Be Your Go-To Winter Cocktail

Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet


– 2 ounces Korbel brandy – ¼ ounce demerara syrup (1:1 raw sugar to water) – 4 dashes bitters – 3 cherries – 2 orange half-wheels – Sprite

Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet


1. Add two cherries, syrup, orange slice and bitters to a rocks glass. 2. Muddle all ingredients. Add brandy and ice to glass. 3. Top with Sprite. 4. Give quick stir and garnish with the remaining cherry and orange wheel.

“Wisconsin folks prefer Korbel. It’s kind of a heritage thing. Wisconsin has a heavy German population, and back in the late 1800s, those Germans preferred brandy over whiskey. So once Korbel launched, it was a big hit here and a perfect fit in our Old Fashioneds.”

- Tripper Duvall

Everyone good Wisconsinite knows that their Old Fashioneds are a little special, relative to Old Fashioneds served the world around. “Nine times out of 10, if you go to a bar and you say, ‘Can I get a Wisconsin Old Fashioned?’ if you don’t have any specifications, they’ll usually make it with brandy,” says Tripper Duval, co-owner of Milwaukee’s Lost Whale.

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