8 Wine Brands Raising Money for Good Causes

The Hidden Sea

The brand has partnered with ReSea Project, an organization that is currently cleaning up Java, one of Indonesia’s most polluted waterways. For every bottle of The Hidden Sea sold, the wine company pledges to remove 10 plastic bottles from the ocean.

Josh Cellars

Everyone’s favorite grocery store wine brand is serious about giving back. To date, Josh Cellars has donated more than $1.5 million to charity and works with a number of different organizations on their do-good initiatives.

Une Femme Wines

Not only does Une Femme champion women working in the wine industry, but they give back to charities that support them outside the biz, too. A portion of proceeds from The Betty is donated to Dress for Success, which economically empowers women across the globe.

Champagne Telmont

The environment is always top of mind at Champagne Telmont, and they have a number of initiatives to back up their “In the name of Mother Nature” slogan. They source 100% of their electricity from renewable resources and sell their bottles without boxes to reduce waste.

It always feels good to support a brand that advocates for a worthy cause. It got us thinking about some of our favorite wine brands and the good deeds that they do, whether it’s working to raise awareness of environmental issues or working with organizations that strive to support women in the workforce. While there are countless wineries doing good things for the environment and community, these eight wine brands give back to some of our favorite causes.

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