Tony Hawk Will Put Kurt Cobain’s Iron Maiden Skateboard to Good Use

Purchased by Hawk at auction last year for approximately $35,000, the board is SIMS Jeff Phillips Pro Model that was outfitted by Cobain with the Iron Maiden mascot “Eddie” from the album Killers in February of 1985.

“Kurt aimed to create custom artwork on skateboard decks and t-shirts as a way of earning money,” according to Julien’s. “In a letter of authenticity, a friend of the skateboard’s owner who witnessed the artwork being completed noted that, ‘Kurt was staying at my parent’s house on 1st Street in Aberdeen, Washington and this is where he created this piece.’”

“Influence on their respective fields, both of whom passed away tragically and much too young,” Hawk wrote on Instagram of the Cobain-Phillips collaboration. “We are hoping to make something good of this acquisition by raising awareness for emotional health and to help provide resources for those who are struggling mentally.”

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