From Vision to Mastery: How The Glenrothes Maintains Its Founding Spirit

James Stuart didn’t just stumble out of bed for a walk one morning and happen upon an award-winning distillery he had somehow never noticed in his Scottish hometown of Rothes. But there, on the river Spey’s sleepy banks, Stuart saw boundless potential.

The Glenrothes  18 Year Old

Their current offerings include award-winning 18– and 25-year-old expressions, both defined by the sweet, fruity character of The Glenrothes’ signature sherry-seasoned oak casks.

The Glenrothes  25 Year Old

Though his hometown has grown with the times, and progress marches on, Stuart’s legacy appears alive and well. The Glenrothes continues to honor tradition while welcoming the innovations of each new era.

And The Glenrothes just released its latest vibrant masterpiece, a 42-year-old single-malt that is aromatic and richly sweet with brown sugar, honeycomb and hints of fresh cedar and sugared almonds. The whole thing is stunning, from the packaging to the bottle to the flavor itself.

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