The Seth Rogen Look You Should Be Copying This Season

Universal Works Wool Fleece Cardigan

repeat the look

Birkenstock Boston Shearling-Lined Slipper

repeat the look

Alex Mill Standard Pleated Rugged  Corduroy Pant

repeat the look

Abercrombie Premium Heavyweight Tee

repeat the look

For Seth Rogen, the query at hand seems to be whether he was ready to dive headfirst in the pillowy depths of cozycore menswear: cardigans, corduroys and clogs.

The Superbad actor was photographed out and about in LA this week sporting a particularly poignant ensemble of cozy clothes, a comfy mishmash of coffee-hued knits, and TikTok-approved Birkenstock Bostons, while snagging his dry-cleaning for a Jimmy Kimmel appearance.

Watch full video of Seth Rogen's recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel (that is what he was snagging his dry-cleaning for)

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