by Paolo Sandoval

New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Is a Total Menswear Dork

WWD reported this summer that Rishi Sunak donned nearly 4,000 pounds worth of tailoring from notable U.K. tailor Henry Herbert on a casual outing, with The Guardian similarly labeling Mr. Sunak the as the face of Britain’s new “hedge-fund couture.”  It seems Sunak has had a history of pulling up in tasteful menswear over the course of his life as a civil servant, from charmingly British Barbour classics to modern menswear staples like Common Projects.

Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket

The Bedale, Barbour’s first lightweight jacket, was originally designed for riding, and remains one of our favorites with its shorter cut and buttoned-up appeal.

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Common Project Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

The Common Projects Achilles has been the white sneaker benchmark for as long as menswear has cared about white sneakers and for good reason; their minimalist design, premium leather and handcrafted form make them bar none in the leather kicks game.

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While we can’t speak to whether his proclivity for Prada will translate into bona fide leadership chops, we are bemused at the thought of some rogue Off-White at a G7 meeting, and appreciative of Sunak’s elevated taste levels. Maybe he’ll stick around for longer than his predecessors: any man who knows the power of a good tailor already has a leg up on the competition.

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