Get Up Close With Polar Bears on This Arctic Safari Trip

Located on the shores of Hudson Bay, near the tiny town of Churchill in Canada’s Manitoba province, this area is a favorite polar bear hangout, particularly in late fall. About 850 bears — as many as there are people in Churchill — gather up here waiting for the bay to freeze. That makes this cold and remote part of Canada a unique place to see the Kings of the Arctic in their natural habitat.

On our first night in Winnipeg’s historic Fort Garry Hotel, our NatHab guides equipped us with parkas and boots. Next morning, wrapped up in our tundra gear, we boarded a charter plane to Churchill. About two hours later, we landed, greeted by an icy blow of Arctic wind, as we stepped out of the plane. Shortly after, we were on our way sleuthing for polar bears in our Tundra Rovers.

Although reminiscent of a train, this custom-designed  lodge doesn’t travel, but is positioned right where the bears like to roam. Its huge wheels assure that its height matches that of our Tundra Rover so that the vehicle can dock at its back. The lodge, with its small cozy compartments that feature comfy bunk beds, a lounge and a restaurant car, is our home for the three days.

Smart, resourceful and good hunters, I hope they can persevere through the changing climate and the vanishing ice, finding sufficient alternative food sources to produce enough offspring so that generations of tourists can experience the same thrill and wonder I did on my arctic safari.

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