by kate dingwall

An Expert Picks the Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Vouette & Sorbée Fidèle

for starting off right

Champagne is a lovely way to greet guests — pour a half glass as soon as they open the door, de-coat and settle in. Made entirely with Pinot Noir, this grower Champagne is precisely made and evocative, with rich herbaceous notes.

Price: $100

Jean Foillard Morgon

There’s no better turkey wine than Beaujolais, a region in the smack-dab center of France that grows almost entirely Gamay grapes. Refreshing, bright, juicy, bodied, but not too big or tannic

for turkey

Price: $24

Denavolo Dinavolino

Orange wines work beautifully with Thanksgiving. The deep gold color and rich tannins are bold enough to punch above a usual white wine’s weight, plus, those qualities allow it to pair well with all of your favorite sides, from stuffing to roast Brussels sprouts to carrots

for every veggie dish

Price: $35

Familia Torres Salmos

In the richer reds, Familia Torres Salmos is made high up in the mountains of Priorat outside of Barcelona — arguably an insane place to make wine due to the high altitude and super steep vineyards.

the crowd-pleaser

Price: $40

Monte Rio Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

If your Thanksgiving dinner is full of loud and crowded tables, well, firstly, you might be at my house. Secondly, you’ll likely need several bottles of easy-but-delicious wines to fill glass after glass after glass.


Price: $23

"The following are my break-glass-in-case-of-wine-emergency bottles that pair with everything and everyone. But the real secret? More is more. I recommend starting off the night with bubbles (twist our arms!), then moving into crunchy, crowd-pleasing whites and a complex red or two."

- Kate Dingwall

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