WHAt Booze Should you pair with your thanksgiving meal?

A guide to pairing whiskey and other fine spirits with your holiday feast

Aaron Thompson,  Co-Owner/Operator, Brother Wolf

"Amaro Montenegro is a perfect accompaniment to sweet and succulent turkey thanks to its bitter yet sweet and spicy flavor profile of vanilla and orange peels."

Amaro Montenegro

Jessica King, Co-Owner/Operator of Brother Wolf

"In our house around the holidays, there are plenty of spirits that recall a special trip or memory. One of those is Nelson Brothers Reserve Bourbon. It’s a moderately priced bourbon that smells and tastes like momma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving morning."

Nelson Brothers Reserve Bourbon

Craig Schoettler, Vice President of Beverage for Tao Group Hospitality

"Leopold Brothers New England Cranberry Liqueur brings back those memories of the cool brisk air, the change in foliage and the sentiment of family gathering around the dinner table on Thanksgiving."

New England Cranberry Liquor 

Julio Xoxocotla, Bar Director and Partner of Bar Lula (Endless Hospitality Group)

"I recommend Del Maguey’s Pechuga to sip during dinner, as you will discover flavors of umami, citrus, apple, and plum, the closest thing to sipping Thanksgiving in a copita; not to exclude any dietary restrictions, Bozal de Calabaza is a vegan alternative that uses pumpkin as the pechuga stand-in."

Del Maguey's Pechuga

Jessica Everett, Managing Partner & Bar Manager of Esters

"The best pairing for Thanksgiving is some delicious Calvados. This apple brandy from northern France takes the cake for encapsulating the holiday feels.  Conversely, a spicy rye, which has inherent baking spicy notes, or an extra añejo tequila, which offers rich caramel and vanilla notes." 

Calvados Pays D’Auge

Chris Hannah, Owner & Bartender Jewel of the South

"Pumpkin pie is always a mandatory ending to my holiday dinner, and the cooked agave and light butter notes on the nose from this tequila once opened will have me salivating for that first bite. Caramel and clove, dried fruit and nuts on the palate make for the perfect tipple during the after-dinner banter with friends and family.

Patrón Sherry Cask Aged Anejo Tequila

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