Americans Don’t Want to Work During March Madness

Loss of worker productivity from office pool distractions during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament may cost employers $17.3 billion this year, according to estimates from an outplacement and career transitioning firm based in Chicago. 

Based on math InsideHook just did, a person could buy 867,046,240 Wilson-produced NCAA Final Four-edition basketballs from Walmart with the amount of money American companies lose due to March Madness office pool shenanigans — that’s not including tax or shipping costs.

While the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament cuts into our country’s GNP on the employee-productivity side of the coin, Front Office Sports pointed out the games also add to it. “Television rights held by CBS and TBS bring in $771 million annually on a 14-year deal signed in 2010,” the publication wrote. “That accounted for the bulk of the $1.1 billion the NCAA made last year on the tournament, with sources like ticket sales and corporate sponsorships added in.”

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