3 Margarita Recipe Hacks

Some simple suggestions to add heat, new flavors and better balance in this versatile, tangy, sweet and salty cocktail

- 2 oz Tequila - .5 oz Dry Curacao - .75 oz lime juice - One barspoon simple syrup (2:1 sugar to water)

Classic Margarita Recipe

Classic Margarita Recipe


Rub glass rim with lime juice to get salt to stick. Give a half-rim of salt at the most. Shake the ingredients with ice, then carefully pour into the glass. 

Classic Margarita Recipe

Classic Margarita Recipe


Add something fresh from the garden or the produce aisle. Try muddling slices of cucumber, fresh mint or hot pepper together before shaking your margarita

Margarita Recipe Hack #1

Create unique margarita mix by splitting base between silver tequila and reposado tequila. Refreshing, crisp and floral notes from one, and warm vanilla and caramel from the other.

Margarita Recipe Hack #2

Try virgin margarita recipe: replace tequila with 2 oz Seedlip Grove 42, add 1 tbsp agave syrup and use .5 oz fresh lime juice for the salt on glass rim. Shake  and serve as usual.

Margarita Recipe Hack #3