We Blind Tasted a Bunch of Light Beers to Find Out Which Was the Least Gross

Corona Light (10 points)

ABV: 4.0% Calories: 99 We were pretty shocked to find Corona at the bottom of our rankings, but we’re also fairly certain that the bottles we tasted were skunked.

Miller Lite (13.5 points)

ABV: 4.2% Calories: 96 Miller Lite didn’t have an offensive aftertaste like some of our other low-ranking beers, but it still fared poorly because it didn’t taste like much of anything at all.

Night Shift Brewing Nite Lite (21 points)

ABV: 4.2% Calories: 96 Night Shift’s Nite Lite wound up being the lowest-ranked craft beer on this list, but it does still have the distinction of being one of only a handful that more people enjoyed than disliked it. “The closest to beer I’ve tasted,” one snarky taster declared.

Kirin Light (22.5 points)

ABV: 3.2% Calories: 95 This Japanese beer was the lowest-ABV brew of our entire tasting, and several tasters made note of the fact that it had “almost no flavor.” But the absence of taste also means no bad flavor, and that’s probably why this one wound up ranking as highly as it did, raking in more middle-of-the-road scores than any other beer.

Bud Light (23 points)

ABV: 4.2% Calories: 110 You don’t sell as much beer as Anheuser-Busch does without making something that appeals to the masses, but even so: we were shocked by how highly Bud Light wound up ranked.

Five Boroughs Brewing City Light (27 points)

ABV: 4.2% Calories: 105 The second craft beer in our tasting, Five Boroughs’ City Light, bested all of the macrobrews we sampled. Not everyone was completely sold — one person cited its “metallic aftertaste” — but for the most part, the consensus was that we’d have no problem tossing back several of these.

Sunday Beer Co. Light & Tight (27.5 points)

ABV: 3.9% Calories: 116 Our tasters immediately clocked Sunday Beer Co.’s Light & Tight as being one of the craft beers in our tasting. The nose apparently gave it away; it boasts a much more complex aroma than any of the macrobrews we sampled. The flavor didn’t disappoint, either.

Ten InsideHook staffers blind-tasted 11 light beers — eight macros and three crafts — and rated them each on a scale of zero to five to see whether or not we could really taste the difference.

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