What the Hell Is Going on With Journey?

A recent article from SFist reports that the band’s longest-tenured members, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, have hired bodyguards while the band continues touring. The purpose of said bodyguards? Keeping Cain out of Schon’s dressing room, and vice versa.

An epic Billboard article chronicles the bad blood between the two, which includes Schon suing Cain over Cain’s refusal to let him use Journey’s corporate American Express card. For his part, Cain has argued that Schon has used the Journey card for personal expenses.

In December, Journey hired a new manager, Mike Kobayashi, in the hopes that they would be able to resolve the drama. Though according to Billboard‘s report, Kobayashi is no longer working with the group.

Journey’s tour continues. According to their website, they have shows booked through May of this year.

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