8 Ice Cream Cocktails You Can Make at Home

The Mint Julep Ice Cream Float


– 2 scoops vanilla or mint chocolate chip ice cream – .75 oz. Mint Honey Syrup (or Woodford Reserve Mint Simple Syrup) – 1.5 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon – Q Kola – Dark Chocolate for garnish Scoop ice cream in tall glass. Pour syrup and bourbon over ice cream. Top with Q Kola. Garnish with a paper straw, large sprig of fresh mint and grated dark chocolate.

Starward Milkshake


– 2-3 Scoops of Talenti Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream – 1.5 oz of Starward Two Fold Whisky – 3 oz of whole milk – 0.5 oz. Amontillado Sherry – 2 pieces of Valrhona Dark Chocolate – 1-2 ice cubes Add all ingredients to a blender for a couple seconds. Serve in a chilled pint glass with fresh raspberries, shaved dark and white chocolate over the milkshake.

Peanut Butter Cup


– 1 oz coffee liqueur (Kahlua works well) – .5 oz vodka – 1 oz chocolate syrup – 1 spoon of peanut or almond butter – 9 oz vanilla ice cream Add the spirits and chocolate sauce to the blender. Add three scoops of vanilla ice cream (about 9 oz). Blend on low speed. When it starts to become smooth, add the peanut butter (we use Reese’s peanut sauce, but any peanut or almond butter will work). Pour into a 12-oz. glass, and top with whipped cream and toppings, such as Reese’s Pieces, crushed peanuts or a mini Peanut butter cup. Extra credit for a cherry.

Mr Black Boozy Affogato Cocktail Recipe


– 1 scoop of quality ice cream – 1.5 oz. Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur Take a generous scoop of ice cream (your choice of flavor) and drop into a dessert cocktail glass. Pour Mr Black over the top and wait for the ice cream to slowly drizzle into the liquid. Generously sprinkle your choice of crunchy garnish.

Bourbon Brown Sugar Milkshake


– 8 oz. vanilla ice cream – 1 oz. whole milk – 1 oz. Garrison Brothers bourbon (or any bourbon of your choice) – .5 tbsp dark brown sugar – 1 oz. salted caramel sauce – Whipped cream: Add a splash of bourbon if making your own whipped cream – Garnish: Mini bourbon caramel apple pie

While blending booze and ice cream (or sorbet) together isn’t always easy, we recently canvassed a few experts on their ideal combo of the two decadent ingredients. Below, some cocktails, floats, pour-overs, milkshakes and even an infused ice cream.

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