by faye fearon

Eight Simple Ways You Can (And Should) Copy Harrison Ford’s Style

The time he pulled out a polo shirt

Still ensuring a delivery of elegance thanks to its little pointed collar, the polo shirt is the perfect port of call for any upcoming occasion, whether it’s with shorts for high temperatures or slim fitting trousers for a social soirée. Top points to the actor for mastering the latter.

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The time he served up short shorts

Turns out Ford mastered the former ensemble too, embracing the “short” shorts silhouette with total insouciance. The key to pulling it off is his choice of upper layer: a long sleeved, crew neck sweater to balance out the levels of his overall attire.

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The time he excelled with tailoring

Ford has frequently demonstrated a flair for it across his style journey, communicating this through a combination of opposing textures and shades. In this case pictured, the trousers were twill, the shirt was cotton, the blazer was wool and the tie was a silk knit.

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The time he made off-duty attire appealing

Ford’s style moves tend to revolve around formal pieces, but that’s not to disregard his off-duty attire. In fact, his approach for a casual outing is incredibly appealing, most commonly centered on lace up boots, blue jeans, oversized jackets and baseball caps. Our eyes are on the jeans here in particular: selected in a straight cut for comfort and a natural complement to the silhouette.

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The time he nailed the essentials

While we’re on the subject of good denim, here’s another fine case in point for Ford’s everyday attire: a curation of only the best essentials. Beginning with a relaxed button-down shirt and partnered with a loose pair of low-rise jeans, the winning ingredient which sealed its timelessness was the footwear: a classic pair of white low-top tennis sneakers.

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The time he mastered head-to-toe black

It may be a popular statement, but still it rings true: you can’t go wrong with head-to-toe black. Especially if you approach it à la Ford: by way of a single-breasted suit, button down polo, relaxed black overcoat and patent leather loafers.

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The time he brought an edge to elegance

Elegant though his favored pieces like polo shirts, straight cut jeans and single breasted blazers may be, Ford has always been conscious of bringing a bit of an edge to them. How so? Through accessories — namely sunglasses and belts. Pictured above in 1981, the selected shade was an eternally cool aviator style, while the belt discreetly dipped into cowboy style territory through its silver western buckle.

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The time he tuxed it up

Given Ford’s social calendar of film premiers and parties, a technically perfect tux is a compulsory companion. Unsurprisingly, his are as sharp as they come, a perfect example of which is this three-piece ensemble for the Guild of America Awards in 1983. Assembled with perfectly roped shoulders and exaggerated peak lapels, these details were Ford’s way of bringing a dose of pizazz to an otherwise simple sartorial move — and they carry just as much power today.

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Harrison Ford knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight. It’s kind of a given when you’re one of Hollywood’s leading actors, starring in some of cinema’s greatest sensations like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner (to name a very successful few).  Varying though Ford’s roles have always been, one thing they have in common is the execution of a memorable uniform — something which is spotlighted just as powerfully in Ford’s personal life.

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