Vineyard Vines’ Festive Fleeces Will Make Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

Vineyard Vines Blackwatch SuperShep Full-Zip Sherpa Fleece

Vineyard Vines Tartan Sherpa Popover

Vineyard Vines Mountain Sweater Quarter-Zip Fleece

Vineyard Vines Plush Teddy Classic Shep Shirt

Vineyard Vines Stillwater Sherpa Fleece Vest

Few holiday gifts are more rewarding than a cozy fleece. There’s an almost religious experience in pulling on the coziest of cozy garments, fresh out of the wrapping paper, on Christmas morning, even if baby Jesus is not the focal point of your family’s holidays.  The fluffy embrace of warmth and the satisfaction of knowing you’ll never have to wear that ratty old hoodie again.

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