by caroline reilly

Daniel Craig’s Belvedere Ad Is a Love Letter to Menswear

A few days ago I was scrolling through TikTok when I passed a clip of Daniel Craig dancing.

Craig first emerges all glammed up in a tux from a chauffeured car before passing through a crowd to emerge once again, this time in an entirely different outfit. In high-waisted pleated pants, a tank, leather jacket and tennis sneakers, Craig gyrates and charms his way through a hotel.

Pleated Pants

The notion that loose pleated pants are dated or conservative is simply a thing of the past, and the style is once again back on trend.

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Boxy outerwear

It seems counterintuitive to mimic the width and boxiness of a pleated trouser on the top, but matching that proportion is actually the key to this look.

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Simple shirts

Pleated pants and boxy trousers are a look, and one of the best ways to keep your outfit from looking overly styled is to keep your shirt option simple and understated.

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Watch full video here to learn how to repeat Daniel Craig's style and dance moves

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