Give This Straightforward “Creed III” Ab Workout a Try

In case you missed it, Creed III is now in theaters. InsideHook staffers had no chance of missing it — there’s been a 50-yard billboard announcing the movie’s arrival hanging outside our office for weeks now, which means I’ve gotten used to walking past titanic shots of Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors’s rippling muscles on the way to and from lunch.

We’re a big fan of this four-move ab workout, which Jordan and Majors’ trainer, Corey Calliet, recently uploaded to Instagram.

– Hang from a pull-up bar, with a good wide grip – Alternate 20 knee raises straight in front of your body – Alternate 20 knee raises across the body – Bring both knees up towards your chest 20 times – Hold your legs straight out in front of you, at a 90-degree angle, for 20 seconds

Here’s how to do it:

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