Cold-Weather Accessories Still Make the Best Gifts

Huckberry Beanie

Beard, flannel and woodchopping proficiency not included.

Polo Ralph Lauren Insulated Sheepskin Touch Screen Gloves

Knit gloves just aren’t going to cut it — try Polo Ralph Lauren’s classy Sheepskin joints instead, with the necessary built in traction for touch screen action and the added bonus of a discounted sticker price.

Filson Double Mackinaw Wool Cap

Got a rugged mountain man or lumberjack in your life (or maybe someone who just wishes they were one)? Filson’s Mackinaw Cap should serve them just fine.

Corridor Alpaca Balaclava

Another shining example of grandparent-core’s reach, the accessory of the season is a knit balaclava — the less threatening, the better. Think babushka, not bandit. Corridor’s cloud-soft alpaca balaclava fits the on-trend bill quite nicely: a soft umber shade and merino wool blend make the Peruvian-made snood one they’ll surely covet.

Howlin’ Cosmic Excursions Fair Isle Wool Scarf

This Howlin’ Cosmic Excursions Scarf is aptly named — he’s bound to get out-of-this-world compliments every time he busts it out.

J.Crew English Merino Wool Scarf

Pauper patterning? Check. Oversized? Check. Bound to make a stocking splash? Double check.

Hopefully, you’ve got your holiday gifts more or less wrangled at this point (if not, we’ve got you covered), but chances are, you’ve still got some loose ends that need tying up. No need to stress, as we’ve got just the solution for you: hats, gloves, scarves and all manner of cold-weather accessories are tried and true classic holiday gifts everyone would appreciate. We’ve researched and rounded up some of our favorites winter gifts to bestow upon the deserving guy (or gal) come Christmas morning. Get him scarves, gloves, hats and more — he's going to need them

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