Best Travel Watches at Every Budget

Rolex GMT-Master II

Developed for PanAM air crews, the GMT-Master II makes it a cinch to track local and home time — plus it boasts 100m of water resistance, and is built like a tank.

The Classic Option

 Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ‘Pan Am’ World Time GMT 

Housed in a contemporary-feeling 40mm case and paired to a killer “rivet-style” stainless steel bracelet, it boasts a Swiss-made automatic movement, 200m of water resistance, and gorgeous looks, but comes in under the $2,000 mark.

The Affordable World Timer

Tudor Black Bay Pro

Well sized and comfortable at 39mm wide, it packs an in-house “flyer”-style GMT movement, multiple strap options (which include an awesome, riveted steel bracelet), 200m of water resistance, and an impressive “weekend-proof” 70-hour power reserve.

The Adventurer’s Travel Watch

Patek Philippe 5231G-001 World Timer 

Certainly this is not a timepiece to climb a mountain or take SCUBA diving — but if you happen to tool around the world in a G650, this is probably the watch for you!

The Baron/Baroness-of-Industry Option

Seiko 5 Sports GMT

The new GMT model — available in several colorways — is simply a dream: Priced at $475, its automatic Seiko movement allows one to track a second time zone using a fourth hand, an inner 24-hour scale, and a rotating 24-hour bezel.

The Ludicrously Affordable GMT

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