The Best Tequilas for Making a Margarita

El Tesoro Blanco

“It’s an absolute banger for a margarita,” says Beau du Bois, the Bar & Spirits Creative Director at Puesto Mexican Artisan Kitchen and Bar in San Diego, noting the rich agave notes and balanced prickly pear aromatics.


“It adds a lot of flavor to a margarita without overwhelming the other flavors in your cocktail,” says Carley Gaskin, the Chicago-based co-founder of Hospitality 201 and Mix Lab. She also selects Patron for the same reason.

Milagro Silver

“It’s just a nice, clean, crisp flavor to have in a margarita, or in cocktails in general,” says Juan Bustamante, the Beverage Manager at Sor Ynez, a Mexico City-inspired veg-focused restaurant in Philadelphia. “I appreciate the pepperiness and green terroir going on.”


“I like using tequilas for my margaritas that have a lot of bright and fruity notes as opposed to a more earthy mineral flavor,” says Los Angeles bartender Cari Hah.

Siete Leguas 

For Jeff Josenhans, the Director of Food and Beverage at the InterContinental San Diego, this answer required a lot of testing. “I did tasting of over 30 brands at a similar price point a few years back, and I fell in love with this producer. It has a smoothness but also subtle herbaceousness.”

Tequila Ocho Plata

“This one It has a clean taste of fresh agave that pairs perfectly with lime to create a crisp and refreshing margarita with a rich finish,” says Barbara Sibley, the Creative Director of New York’s Holiday Cocktail Lounge. “It’s a tequila that shows the true character of the agave, which shines through with citrus.”

It doesn’t take much to make a good margarita. And it doesn’t take much to ruin one, either. Fresh lime juice and your preference of orange-flavored liqueur isn’t going to mask a lousy tequila. So let’s get your base correct. Below, we asked several bar professionals about their preference in tequilas, but strictly as it relates to margaritas. We’re sure they left off a few of your favorites, but if you know what you like, stick with it! And if you’re not sure, let this be your guide.

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