The Sweater Polo Is Your Secret Weapon Spring Wardrobe Item

Abercrombie & Fitch Pattern Button-Through Sweater Polo

Impressively versatile — under a lightweight suit, over a tank top, or just paired down with a nice pair of chinos — and priced reasonably even before Abercombie’s constant sales, it’s the style we find ourselves reaching for time and time again.

Best Overall Knit Polo

J.Crew Short-Sleeve Heritage Cotton Tipped Sweater-Polo

Wouldn’t you know it — J.Crew’s got a sick new Babenzian-designed sweater polo, and it’s on sale. who would’ve guessed?

Best Affordable Knit Polo

Orlebar Brown Horton Cravat Polo Shirt

Designed in conjunction with a slew of other “Riviera” styles, this handsome knit is inspired by the “1960s poolside utopia,” a mood we can very much get behind.

Best Luxury Knit Polo

Sunspel Knitted Cotton Polo Shirt

Much like with their unparalleled tees, Sunspel’s knits Italian-spun cotton knits are soft. Like, really, really soft. Marshmallowy, cloud-like, heaven-sent soft. Don’t believe us? Try one for yourself. Just be prepared to drop a chunk of change on a whole rotation of polos.

Softest Knit Polo

Moné Merino Short-Sleeve Knit Polo

Why hello there, Sir! May we interest you in…whoops — our apologies. We saw this cashmere-esque, 100% merino wool knit from Morracan-based Moné and just assumed you were a Talented Mr. Ripley old money type.

Best Retro Knit Polo

Corridor Spacedye Short-Sleeve Polo

Made from a multi-stranded Pima and responsibly knit in Peru, it’s got the trappings of classic menswear — a three-button placket, banded cuffs and a slightly oversized fit — with a very vibey 2023 color palette.

Best Fashion-Forward Knit Polo

A Kind Of Guise Nikiski Knit Polo

Its this craft that shines through in all their time–honored designs and premium materials, and makes the luxe Nikiski Knit Polo. Unlike any that we’ve tried. The design is woven in India and features discrete quilting we can’t get over.

Best Long-Sleeve Knit Polo

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