The 18 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Dry January and Beyond


This Netherlands-based brand expands the concept of being alcohol-free with these distilled botanical bottles. Recently sold, the brand is expanding in the U.S. and introducing a Bitter variation early this year. Drink: Their Spiced Cane Dark Roast is crafted from Dominican sugar cane and features notes of chocolate and coffee.

Wilderton Botanical Spirits

A non-alcoholic spirits brand produced in Portland, OR and crafted from globally-sourced botanicals — it’s won a lot of praise from esteemed bartenders such as Jim Meehan. Drink: The spicy, smoky Earthen, crafted with white peppercorn, pine-smoked tea and cardamom, does well in boozy cocktails as a modifier and as a base for n/a drinks.

Optimist Botanicals

These alcohol-free botanical spirits (crafted by a master distiller) are inspired by their Southern California origins. Serve with tonic and club soda, the three flavors here (bright, fresh, smokey) are gentle but flavorful. Drink: Smokey, a take on tequila, utilizes Lapsang Souchong, bitter red orange, clove, ginger, cinnamon leaf and habanero botanicals to create a citrusy and spicy mixer with depth.

Cut Above

Zero-proof spirits (gin, agave blanco, mezcal and whiskey) that, unlike most n/a bottles, never had booze in them at all. Instead, these no-carb, low-cal expressions combine natural flavors derived from flowers, herbs, plants, fruits, roots, barks, leaves and vegetables to (re)create flavors. Drink: Not many non-alc brands offer a mezcal, so if you like a smoky flavor — here, derived from a combination of Cubeba pepper extract, chipotle pepper extract, Persian lime oil and “a touch of smoke” — this is your best option.


This UK non-alcoholic brand was founded by a celebrity (British television personality Spencer Matthews) but even if you don’t know Made in Chelsea, you can appreciate this line of zero-sugar alternatives to gins, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey, which only have 10 calories per serving. Drink: Clean R is a rum alternative and it made for a really nice and slightly spicy  “rum” and Coke.


Aimed at calming, this hemp-infused, non-alcoholic spirit is herbal, citrusy and earthy (but not overly so), and also infused with adaptogens. Plus, these were formulated in collaboration with award-winning master mixologist Lynnette Marrero. Drink: Arise has a pleasant lemon tang with a hint of smoke — it feels like an ideal base for a non-boozy highball in summer.

St. Agrestis

The Brooklyn-based, Italian-inspired spirits brand already has a Phony Negroni — alongside a line of cool bottled (boozy) and boxed negronis and Boulevardiers. Drink: The ready-to-drink Amaro Falso, just released, utilizes a mix of all-natural citrus, botanical, and herbal ingredients that drinks like an Amaro Highball (fun fact: ​​carbonation and nitrogen are added to the brand’s non-alc lineup to “help mimic the bite and mouth feel that alcohol typically provides.”)

The non-alcoholic world is admittedly small, although growing quickly: Even with sales rising 20% last year, it’s still a $400 million business (meanwhile, the booze world? A whopping $200 billion — note that we’re talking actual sales here, not company valuation).

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