The Best (Mostly Double-Breasted) Menswear Looks From the Star-Studded 2023 SAG Awards

Jeremy Allen White in Louis Vuitton

J-dog gets everything right for the dressy awards show environment, from a six-button, high-lapeled Vuitton blazer to his don’t-care-but-secretly-care-too-much curls. We smell a three-peat!

Adam DiMarco in Dior

The White Lotus may have taken home the prestigious Ensemble in a Drama Series award, but Albie actor Adam DiMarco’s sartorial victory is all his own. It’s a study in the appeal of classic, form-fitting sartorialism. There are no wild flairs, oversized fits or insane colors, just a handsome Dior suit and a fucking ridiculous watch, the way god intended.

Caleb McLaughlin in Casablanca

Remember little Lucas in season one of Stranger Things? This is him now…feel old yet? Caleb McLaughlin’s transformation paired a tousled tee with an exaggerated blazer from french label Casablanca, and we have to admit, the kid knows how to high-low. Bonus points for the discrete chain.

Ariana DeBose in Prabal Gurung

Depending on your degree of chronic onlineness, you may or may not have missed Ariana DeBose’s involvement in the great BAFTA debacle, but it’s impossible to overlook her expertly slouchy, double-breasted, Greta-Gerwig’s-Barbie pink blazer-slacks combo from Nepali-American designer Prabal Gurung.

Ke Huy Quan in Gucci

Thom Browne, Armani and now a handsome Gucci two-button tux? Everything Everywhere All At Once actor Ke Huy Quan is cleaning up in the menswear department…oh, and the awards department, too.

Paul Mescal in Simone Rocha

As it turns out, a very formal Simone Rocha topcoat looks especially good with a very informal mullet.

Jovan Adepo in Dolce & Gabbana

Babylon’s Diego Calva may be making some serious menswear waves, but it’s his co-star Jovan Adepo who took the menswear plunge at this year’s SAG Awards. Like cocaine and movies, Adepo proves midnight and black are a winning combo, especially when done up in classic Italian black-tie fashion.

While Everything Everywhere All at Once and The White Lotus may have swept the actual awards, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve got a full docket of well-dressed winners, ready and waiting to be oohed and ahhed at. Below, all of the best menswear looks at the 2023 SAG Awards.

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