How to Plan a Trip  to Antarctica

Best Time to Visit Antarctica

Tourists are only permitted to visit the White Continent in the Antarctic summer (late October to early March) when the weather is more temperate and visibility is easier for captains and pilots.

How to Get to Antarctica

The only way to reach the continent is by pre-permitted boat or chartered plane and while travel to Antarctica is much more safe and convenient than it was decades ago, the continent is still one of the most difficult destinations on earth to reach even during the warmer summer months.

What Will The Weather Be Like?

Temperatures at the South Pole can dip as low as -45°F in the summer months whereas the Antarctic Peninsula is no colder than New York or Boston.

What to Expect

The sights and sounds of Antarctica are unlike anything else on earth; it’s not uncommon for even the most hardened travelers to experience a newfound sense of wonder and appreciation while taking in the grandeur and beauty of the untouched landscape.

Although tourism in Antarctica has picked up over the last two decades, it’s still a relatively untouched part of the world that’s both difficult and expensive to get to. That said, it’s not impossible for the average traveler to get there and don’t need to be an expedition explorer or scientist to make the trek. These days, there are a few decent avenues that’ll allow you to experience the sights and sounds of Antarctica in comfort and luxury.

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