How Artist Alexa Meade Brought “Wonderland” to NYC’s Fifth Avenue

A former Best Buy is transformed into a magical exhibition where guests are meant to interact with the art

The rooms that comprise Wonderland Dreams abound with allusions to Carroll’s novel —  giant playing cards,  an expansive tea party and dramatic shifts in scale can all be found within its walls.

“Every possible surface of an object gets covered in paint so it’ll look two-dimensional from every point of view,” says Meade.

"In my artwork, I am taking a three-dimensional space and capturing the light and shadows but with paint, and so I find an interesting parallel in that.”

“A lot of people in the art world want to know where I draw my references from, or who my artwork is in dialogue with in terms of past art historical figures, but I actually get more inspiration from theoretical physics or research about visual perception than I do looking at the canon of art history,” says Meade.

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